What can the TA offer a Civvy Paramedic?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Bambos_Igaunadon, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. If a Student Paramedic wants to join the TA do they still have to go down the CMT 3,2,1 route? Is there a golden handshake? What rank would they join as and is there an accelerated promotion system in place? Any advise would be welcomed!
  2. Don't be daft. Even as an experienced Paramedic you'd be met with the usual bollocks, and until that changes and Paras are treated in the same way as other qualified HCP's, I wouldn't sign on.

    If you're a student paramedic you're not qualified, so I would imagine that you'd have to start from scratch. CMT3 etc.

    Can't think for the life of me why you'd want to though.
  3. Surely that should be what can a student civvy Paramedic offer the TA?
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  4. Absolutely agree and a much wiser way of looking at the issue.

    Depends on where they are in their training. However, even the newbee student para, already has a significant advantage over the ordinary joe public recruit that also wishes to join RAMC.

    So the answer is I suppose, loads. Unfortunately, I don't expect the Army to see it like that, which is why I actively discourage Paramedics from signing on, until Paras have parity with other HCP's.
  5. AMS TA only take paramedic/nurses in the CMT role, so you won't be anything special. Be a private soldier, learn tentage. There's other threads on this very subject
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  6. Eh? Any field ambulance is Pre hospital, and AMS TA won't let you in unless you're frontline/NHS. I'm ex reg RAMC, *and* suitably civvy qualified, but they still won't let me in as I don't work prehospital as a civvy
  7. The TA can offer nothing to even a full blown, fully qualified paramedic, which is odd really.
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  8. The TA offer is:

    1. Less than minimum wage, even on a short shift.
    2. Administrative excuses for everything.
    3. X-Factor. Meaning eXtra getting fucked about Factor.

    The only reason for joining the TA (and, I would venture, the Regular armed forces) is out of a sense of duty to your country because it is a certainty that you shall give far more than you shall receive.
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  9. Ask not what the TA can do for you but what you can do for the TA.

    In my case, the Army taught me lots of things, I just wish pissing through my arse wasn't one of them.
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  10. No, it should be the other way around...
  11. I don't know about the rest of the TA AMS but 144 will take student paramedics. Also have current paramedics as CMTs and MSOs.
  12. Just like the rest of AMS TA, where they don't accept anything else, unless you're an A&E nurse or similar. Already been and asked, and been fucked off at the high port by my "family"
  13. The RAF have (reserve) paramedics and look after them. They do MERT and were based at Lynham where CCAST is.

    Ours lord it up and mince about on drill nights in their jolly gay ambulance chap uniforms and they occasionally treat us to a blast of the old blues and twos as they speed past the TAC whilst generally walting about and showing off. I just wish they'd get a new ring tones.

    But CMTs they are and CMTs they shall remain.

    ODPs however, are loved and respected tri service wide...

    But yer man ain't qualified so he'll be right at home with TA CMTs.