What can NOT be sent to British soldiers serving in Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by bandsawman, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. I've been trying to find out what can not be sent to our son when he gets to Afghanistan, but to no avail.

    I've found details of maximum weight and dimensions, but that's all.
  2. No grot, no pork, nothing that'll freeze.
  3. No booze, no aerosols.
  4. No body parts or weapons either.
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  5. I know you can't send animals and you probably wouldn't be able to send stuff like pigeons or tortoises either. Mice and goldfish may be okay though.
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  6. Useful things (I hope) I've sent friends.
    Crisps, nuts, jerky, pork scratchings, wet ones, mints, chewing gum, tubes of condensed milk, coffee, tea bags, chilli and curry powder, hot chocolate that doesn't need added milk, cup a soups, croutons, mixed herbs, spare socks, lip balm, skin cream, mustard powder, love letters, tomato purée, biscuits, malt loaf, cakes, oxo cubes, boiled sweets, tinned meat, tinned cheese, tubes of cheese such as primula, wine gums, powdered milk and milk shake powder,you'll have to mess around with weights.
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  7. You're for the ****ing high jump when the stealth invasion of the UK is complete and the sharia courts get their (clean, right) hands on you, infidel.
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  8. You missed out Haribo...
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  9. Find out what the recipients favourite tipple is and buy them a bottle of it, neck the contents of it and send it full of the shampoo you were going to send anyway. A nice big, floppy wholly hat and mittens goes down a treat as does a hundred or so photos of all his UK based mates out on the lash wearing his clothes and generally having more fun than them.
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  10. Thanks everyone for those replies :)

    jarrod248, your list was very useful, as was the link to the official list - I couldn't find anything on aerosols though? I presume they can be sent?
  11. No they can't
  12. No aerosols mate. Roll-on is fine.

    He'll have to do without his Salon Selective hairspray :)

  13. And the wet ones!! surprised not to see vasaline but I guess lipbalm would do .
  14. You can get a load of customs stickers from the post office. Finding boxes is surprisingly problematic. You quickly get to the weight limit so get smart with your packing.
    Expect they'll get chucked about and wrap well.
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