What can i take to basic training?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by steveflan, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. I have my booklet on what to take, but can anyone tell me if your aloud to take extras, like digital camera for example?
    Also is there internet facilities available?
    Going to Pirbright 14th April by the way.
  2. I hear electric toothbrushes are popular these days :D
  3. A blow up rubber doll and puncture repair kit
  4. Look at the training wing forum. Theres tons on this sort of thing.
  5. Reccomend taking some airsoft kit. The Pirbright instructors have quite a competetive team , and will doubtlessly welcome you along with them on their weekend battle camps. Good way to work on your fieldcraft and SAA aswell, nothing wrong with extra revision!
    Be sure to display your replica PSG-1 in your locker, next to your ghillie suit. The remainder of your training will be a piece of pish.
  6. I was hoping to be able to take my laptop so i can keep in contact with family and friends. If so are there any wireless conection available?
    Need to know!!!

  7. Keep in touch with family??

    Whats wrong with a phone box and a pocket of shiny 2p pieces??
  8. Again ask your Instructors for the keycode for his wireless router Im sure he wont mind, and dont forget your mobile phone, Take it everywhere you go, OK you need to keep in touch, its good to talk!
  9. You should have been recommended to bring about 7 padlocks to lock your stuff up, but not to bring valuables anyway.

    I'm not suggesting anything will go missing, but spare time is at a premium anyway, so why bring a Laptop that could get damaged/get nicked?

    Best to leave it a mobile phone and letter writing kit.

    As for wireless connection....probably not any way. They have it in the messes, but only if you sit on the hub and that is for permanent staff.

    14 weeks sounds a lot, but factor in the exercises, realities of war trip, adventure training, long weekend (you do get one...)....you're hardly there!
  10. Fecking Laptop? Fecking mobile phone? Whatever to happened to having all shreds of common decency ripped from you and being subjugated to a reign of evil from your instructors? I have to say though that whenever I drive through ATR (P) in the evenings there are always numbers of Crows lingering outside their blocks using MOBILE FECKING PHONES (sorry for shouting), what is my glorious Army coming to?
  11. Laptop ! Phone FFS :x Fiesta, Razzel and the ulltimate of all time Readers Wives - take lots off as the pages will get fewer and fewer the longer you are there, Oh and take some bog roll! :wink:
  12. The only electronic things I am planning to take next month are a mobile phone and a small digital camera, an L.E.D torch and a AA/AAA battery recharger. I think things like laptops, DVD players and things like that are going to be next to useless during basic and will just take up space or will be locked away.
  13. A horse never goes wrong!
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  14. Basic gets so BORING sometimes. If I were you, I'd bring my PS2 (didnt have 'em in my day), my porn collection, and a letter from my mom testifying to what "a good and gentle lad" I am. Best of luck
  15. A note of interest on Laptops. WiFi is old hat. Get yourself a USB Mobile Internet Receiver @ £10 to £20 a month and use it anywhere that can receive a Mobile Phone Signal. Add Skype Pro and a handset and get phone calls for next to nothing as well. (Much cheaper than a mobile)

    Seriously, Take the minimum till your first leave, then you know how much space you have to spare.