what can i send a friend on ops?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ourmanindes, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. hello,

    as per the title really, have a friend on ops somewhere hot and sandy, was planning to send him a package via BFPO, question is (being a civvy) i dont really know what sort of thing to put in it. have a shoebox ready so was hoping for some suggestions (already have the cheap smut), what else?...

    and yes i work in DE&S, and yes it has it moments.... ;)


  2. His discharge papers?

    Soft bog roll and hard porn. Note, not the other way round.
  3. An Ammo Replen... OR

    Your missus and a tub of date rape pills
  4. Has anyone mentioned porn... ?
  5. Technically me.
  6. How about asking him what it was he forgot, or misses? Would be Marmite and porn in my case.
  7. i know its not shoebox sized but i got sent a dartboard on telic and even though id never really played before- i loved it!!!
  8. I got sent an RPG off an Iraqi mate. It failed to detonate... Tight git!
  9. Why would anyone want a 'technically you' sent to them on ops?

    Do you give good head or something.....?

  10. Not at first. However by week 20 of your tour when you are stagging on a PVCP you'll be glad of my effort. Even if it involves teeth!
  11. depends - if he's in Iraq he's probably getting fresh rations often enough not to want much in the way of consumables - so send something to keep him entertained, like the dartboard suggested earlier. If he's in an outpost in afghan then try any of these - dried fruit, beef jerky, isotonic drink mix (lucazade/gatorade etc, they prob get some but not enough). Don't bother with chocolate(it won't survive the heat), everyone else will be getting loads of sweets so try and go for something different. Also we were getting papers 3-4 weeks late, so something to read(FHM, maxim or a periodical like 'the week' if he usually tried to read real papers).
  12. As well as the above, DO NOT send bottles containing liquids, shower gel, shampoo etc. These can all break in transit and ruin the other contents of the parcel.
  13. excellent, many thanks. i keep in email contact but thought a surprise box of random stuff would go down well hence i cant really ask him what he needs but sought out a voice of experience.....
  14. A pic of you banging his other half. Might not cheer him up but I bet the the look on his face would make his mates cry with laughter.