What can I realistically aim for?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Wilso, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. I am currently at RMAS and going through the choice of arm process and need a question answering reference my potential officer career!

    What can I realistically expect to achieve, rank wise, in the REME? I am definately 100% sure that I want a full 22 yr career, but am unsure of how high REME officers can or have gone?

    Can someone shed the light?
  2. Definately a wah :)
  3. nope, all serious and genuine!
  4. Are you serious? It depends on you. If you're a good egg, you'll go far, if not, then you might make Captain?
  5. No officer or gentleman would allow stray exclamation marks in to a sentence. Wah.
  6. 22 year career for officers? - wah!
  7. Errant punctuation does not a bad officer make.

    They're usually just cnuts.
  8. I have seen REME officers on planes that are flying at approx 30,000 feet, this is high enough for you?
  9. What can you aim for? The centre of the visible mass, obviously.
  10. Corrected for you. :D
  11. I believe Wellington stated; That there is an Field Marshal baton in every man/soldier back pack.

    I had an Major Generals in mine once, but I was only looking after it whilst the said Major General was other wise engaged. I drove for him, CBF FI 1983.
  12. & this is exactly why our board is sooooooo sh!t.

    Fcucking mongs everywhere