What can I expect in regards to PAYD?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_field_mouse, May 5, 2009.

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  1. I have had a quick look through some of the forums and was unable to see something that resembles my query. With that in mind I have a few questions that I hope could be answered...

    I am posted to a unit that has PAYD. The accom is still the old shi**y stuff rather than the wonderful SLAM that seems to be popping up all around the world.

    Within the SLA there are rooms designated "kitchen" however there are no appliances - hob etc etc. I was of the understanding that if PAYD is within the camp then alternative means of cooking are to be made available. Is this correct? Is the kitchen that I have meant to be equipped with items so that I can cook something for myself? :?
  2. just use PAYD, cheap as chips and more edible than something you will rustle up in a microwave!

    I spent a month at Imphal Barracks (york) last year, that is PAYD,food was great. avoid the gurkha curry though!
  3. PAYD in chilwell is fecking shocking, never enough food, cold food, prices that change with the wind, etc.

    i feed myself & it's cheaper.
  4. Duty rumour I'm afraid mate. The only blocks Ive ever seen with proper kitchen appliances are SLAM, the rest of the hovels normally don't because A, fire regs and B, The QMs a tight arse.
  5. The staff were suprisingly nice and helpful where i was, hence the better food, constant prices, warm food, good choice!

    Where is it your going?

  6. It was the same where I've just visited. Terrible.

    Looks like I'll need to get some kitchen apps as well then! Ref fire regs that was mentioned when I popped up there. Bugger!
  7. Well the contractors in the location I have been at recently must be laughing all the way to the bank

    Core breakfast has gone up by 8 pence to £1.08

    Cheap as chips I here the PAYD apologists scream

    8% rise in one fell swoop without counting the raises to Lunch and Dinner prices. Can someone remind me again how much the young Tom got extra in his pay packet this year (certainly not 8%)

    Thin end of the wedge I say, but then again I have never been a supporter of this sham
  8. Robbing cunts, all of them :x

    Why do we have to supply 'equipment' for the staff in the mess when they have the contract :?
  9. What can you expect in regards to PAYD?

    The sh1ts followed by scurvy.
  10. I am living in a PAYD mess at the moment. I eat in my own room with a microwave to use. Firstly the food I make is healthier than the PAYD and the important bit is that I can make something to eat when I want. If I used PAYD when I finished work there would either be no food or it would be closed
  11. stop gawping on arrse and get your work finished on time then :D :D
  12. Couldn't agree more. REeally not looking forward to going there next month for mobilisation
  13. Had PAYD at my last unit. When it first came out it wasnt bad, then they realised they were losing money so the portions became smaller.....then they took away the dinner plates and replaced them with smaller dinner plates to make the even smaller portions look bigger....then the chefs got hacked off with it and started leaving in droves (civvy chefs) so got replaced by agency chefs who didnt give a feck so the food got worse.

    PAYD? On the list of worst ideas ever.
  14. The quality of Food's not bad where I am on PAYD as a rule, but the repition of the same choices over & over is shit, roast dinner everyday is not my idea of a good meal! And rehashing last nights curry (always the special & never sells) over some sausages for lunch doesn't count as something different you divvy civvy!

    The biggest problem I have is the time restriction, even if you finish all your work doesn't mean you're gonna be hungry precisely between 1700 & 1800!

    The whole thing is suckinmedickulous!