what can I expect at a TA Open Night

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dakar, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. At age 40, I am considering joining 3MI in London and have been invited to an open evening in December. What can I expect?

    After 20yrs in the City where I have a senior management role with a Swiss Bank leading a team of 20, I'm looking for an additional challenge.

    Any advice appreciated.
  2. It differs between units, At our last open night all we did was sit in the platoon stores, eat chinese and sit around idly watching grot and get shouted at for doing so, While our resident 40ish Recruiting LanceJack told the potential recruits his 'war stories' in the drill hall, Not many came back.
  3. You'll likely get a little presentation, a walk around some stands with nifty stuff that goes bang and probably the chance to fire on the indoor range - on and some curry and beer!. Though that was for Infantry, for green slime I'm not so sure...

    *Edited because I'm a mong
  4. Thx for the feedback. So no 1.5mile run on the first night, no need for gym kit.
  5. Some units have regular PT such as platoon runs etc, If they are doing an open night they may not be doing any, But take it anyway. Look interested, take notes, be switched on, ask questions, oh and bring your wallet as they may invite you up to the bar for a few.

  6. Dont forget you had to get your webbing out to put on the display, he took one look at it and it was instantly taken away to be re-assembled by the most dashing bloke in the Platoon. 8)
    Not many came back? 2 blokes came in and saw some REME fellas doing their WHT, they looked like true professionals continually fcuking it up. Thank the almighty us infantry types are so efficient at standing around putting a brave face on it all. :x
  7. Was the instructor REME too? Had they even been taught the relevant lessons?

    Perhaps they were too busy learning their trade skills?

    What level were they at (ie recruits, trained soldiers, NCOs)?
  8. I expect youll get a presentation on the training weekends and the sort of stuff youll do after training, have a look around, have a drink. I reckon theres a 1% chance of doing a run, but as matey boy said, take your PT kit anyway.
  9. As far as Im aware they were trained soldiers, if they werent then why were they being wheeled out to do demos on weapons for potential recruits? The instructor was also REME, a SNCO from what I remember. (although dont quote me on it)

    Too busy learning their trade to learn how to handle a rifle properly?

    Going against the usual argument of "we're soldiers first and tradesmen second" aren't you?
  10. In terms of general format, do the RAuxAF open days vary much from the TA? I'm off to Lyneham next April and it would be handy to get a feel for what I can expect.
  11. Not at all mate. Anyone not knowing how to handle a rifle normally causes me paperwork and to get grumpy. I was simply highlighting that quite often people fail these things because they're not taught properly. There's also a world of difference between being able to pass a test and being able to actually use the skill.

    Don't you think it would have been better for the infantry guys (if you're all so awesome at Weapons Handling) to do the steelyeyed bringer of death thing with guns and let the REME show people how to tinker with rovers, do illegal mods, talk about spanner sizes, etc?

    Or perhaps you're just a ballbag trying to take the piss out of guys that are more intelligent and handsome than you? :wink:
  12. White socks
    Grey slip-on shoes

    I'll get my flying suit...
  13. I agree with that, being that I know him, Bolo Driller is neither intelligent nor handsome.

  14. To have the INF with the weapons out would surely require some sort of common sense and foresight though!!! And you really should see some of the creatures that live in those sheds - nowhere near as handsome and as dashing as my good self!!
  15. Oh, so, soooooooooo tempting must be strong, resist the easy option :D

    Keeping your job?