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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by coochicoo, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Newby on the block, father of a Lcpl serving in Germany.

    My son handed in his notice o quit in June(ish) and with all the leave entitlement, re-settlement etc has benn given March 2007 as a leaving date.

    Last month whist on leave he attended and interview and was offered a position with a comapany so as to get back on the civvy job ladder.

    The company wrote to his regiment asking for cosidration for early release, regiment ws OK but MCM Div (?) said a catogory no!!.

    This lad has had 2 tours of IRAQ, Kosovo etc yet no some civvy pen pusher doesnt even think about what he/she is doing. No doubt "More than my jobs worth guv".

    It wouldnt b so bad if he had anything to do in Germany (thers only so many times you can change a light bulb!!!).

    No doubt there is loads of posts like this on here but if this was happening on civvy street it would be classed as restriction of earnings or similar.

    Any ideas anyone????
  2. You have lost me, sorry....
  3. call the A team

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  5. What the hells going on here, I thought this forum was supposed to offer constructive assistance/advice!

    Maybe all you lot are posting these inapt replies are from those "civvys" that do all the pen pushers.

    I could, but won't, break the forum rules by posting my sons name rank and serial number, just to prove that this enquiry is genuine.

    Thanks for nowt
  6. coochicoo, apologies but we get a lot of journalists posting on here looking to get something to write in their rags.
  7. Don't mention it.
  8. If MCM Div say "no" mate, then I'd pretty much resign myself to not getting out till March next year, in reality he's still got the best part of a tour in the pit left in him.
  9. lol
  10. There may still be some latitude in the timings as its perfectly acceptable for the CO to 'let him go' a month or 2 early. At the end of the day I cant see why his unit wouldn't let him away - they do it with the 'older' folk all the time - only thing is his location, its not as easy to 'forget' someone exists if it takes the best part of a couple of days for him to get back to work to prove he still exists, its not impossible though.

    Also, a while back, due to the trained strength of the Army being over the 103K limit, CO's were actively encouraged to release folk early to trim the numbers down a bit, dont know if thats still the case, but it might be an angle worth looking at?......

    And, if you put any of that into a red-top, I'm finding you and breaking your legs....... :x
  11. Sounds about right mate might have been a bit premature apllying for the job but can understand why he done it perhaps if he tries again in Jan or Feb he'll get a different reply.
    I was in a similar position but managed to get away nearly 2 mths ahead of my termination date however this was a local arrangement with the unit/CO
  12. Your son is under contract. In his interview, he should have informed his prospective employer when he would become available for work. If he can get permission to leave earlier, this is a privilege, not a right.

    It's exactly the same in civvy street where you'd be expected to work out your notice before starting with a new employer.

    If he has applied for early discharge and been turned down, that's probably the end of it. If there's a burning reason why he absolutely must start with the firm before his quoted discharge date, he could try approaching his CO with a view to getting MCM Div to change their minds, but the reason would have to be a very good one.

    As far as what you can do - nothing. Your son's a big boy now, he knows the system, what he can do and what he can't and, to be honest, I doubt if he'd appreciate any interference.
  13. The prospective employer is fully aware of the situation, he was hoping that he could have started a little earlier than March 2007, he is quite willing to keep the position open for him.

    Thanks for all the comments.