What can i claim on JPA

I am currently station in Germany and i have transferred to the Royal Navy and have just come back from 3 weeks in the UK completing the recuiting process. I flew back to the UK on a trooping flight and was given a rail warrent to get me to me home. When i was in the UK i stayed at my parents.

I have asked and been told that i can not claim anything but others are telling me i can. Does any one know if i can or can not put a claim in and if i can what i can claim for on JPA.

Many thanks
First off was military accommodation available? If not you may be entitled to Privately Arranged Rate @ £40 a night (I think). If this is so you have no entitlement to money for food etc.

LSA I would have thought would be applicable depends on how you were 'attached' if you like.

Possibly IE @ £5 per night.

Give us more detail and we should be able to figure it out.

Military accomodation was not offered as i was told to do the recuiting process close to my home town as it could not be done in Germany. I stayed at my parents house and travelled to the various appointments i had to attend over the 3 week period.

One of my concerns are as it transferring out of the Army to the Navy can i still claim as it is my choice.

Monaco did you receive any sort of Admin Order/Joining Instructions and did they instruct you about accommodation etc?

I would personally say it was a duty - as you say the process could not be completed in Germany.

It is possible that Private Arrangements Rate could be claimed. this is £40 a night shit bust.

If you were to try and claim DS you would need receipts for all meals etc DS is not admissible with PAR.

Your unit should move and track you to UK which should result in the payment of LSA.

You need to find a friendly clk in your unit to get their head into JSP 752.

Just to update Jockster the money is as follows:

Private Arrangements Rate £25 per 24 hr period

You will need a Cert stating there was no accommodation.

You "Should" be able to claim the Mileage from your Parents house to your Briefs you had to attend if you used your own car (with business Insurance) if Taxi,Train Bus Fares.
Marty thanx for your update. I keep telling my clks to check the 752 so I have and we both stand corrected as at 01 Aug 07 the rate is now £26 for a 24 hour period. :oops:

I love being a clerk. :roll:

We are Administrators now Jockster m8, I get fined all the time for calling them Clerks.

and Doh I looked at old verision and not new one for the rats again :-(


What Unit you at?
Gents, new 752 came out start of Nov!! On my second SEB, don't think they'll give me anymore after that! :)
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