what can i claim for whilst on OPs?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by swinny, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. Hi all,

    i'm being mobilised on the 29th Nov, what can i claim for whilst on OPs? I've been told by various people what they claimed for on Telic and these included sky tv, window cleaning, car HP payments.....obviously i dont wanna miss out:thumright:
  2. Duraglit for your neck.
  3. Depend if the OP is vehicle-mounted or dismounted.

    You can probably get chicken wire, hessian and cam-netting through stores. As for zip-lock bags to shite in, you might have to buy these from Aldi, and claim back through your PSAO.

    Seriously though, back in the day Reservists used to have to proove financial hardship in order for the Army to pay them at their civillian employment salary, hence providing paperwork on loans, ultilities etc. I don't think this is the case any more - perhaps you should ask your chain of command, as they shouldn't be mobilizing you if they don't know!
  4. A jumbo pack of Johnnies, so your mates can entertain your Mrs while you're away. You'll get free paper bags if she's a minger, too.

    Hope this helps?
  5. That's how it was when I went through last.

    Swinny, it's not a case of missing out, you will go through J1 admin at Chillwell and they will tell you what can be claimed for and work out what you are entitled to. There's a difference mate, just because your muckers got it on Telic doesn't mean you are entitled to get it when you deploy. If you are entitled to it then you will have to provide proof as to stop necky fuckers making fruadulant claims - just because Winston comes round to service your wife each week on the pretex of 'gardening' will doubtfully mean you can claim for it without receipt.
  6. If you need to claim for stables, kennels, grounds maint, etc, etc then you will need to provide proof. As for claiming for SKY, car HP - I'm not too sure if you can claim for that.

    Civ pay - you will need to take in pay statements; (Last *6 months?) any paperwork relating to bonuses/promotions that you will miss out on whilst on tour.

    If you take the piss or try and cheat the system you will rightly get burned.

    *If you have only just got a new job you might not be able to claim the difference.
  7. Some services can be 'suspended' without payment for a small admin charge, but you need a letter from someone high up to confirm it to the provider. You don't claim it from anyone but you apply to the company directly and provide evidence.

    Off the top of my head - LA Fitness Gym Membership (don't ask), Orange Mobiles, Sky, Virgin allow this. Weirdly BT don't (or rather didn't, when I was in teh forces a few years back, things may have changed). No idea on car payments but I tried a jewellers HPI thing I had and they weren't having any of it. Please note that if you're in a contract then the months that the service is dormant don't count towards the period of that dormancy. So e.g. if you're deployed for 6 months and have 6 months of mobile contract left, even though you may not pay you will still have 6 months of mobile contract left when you return.
  8. You should have a proper brief on this, but the underlying principle is that you will not be financially disadvantaged by mobilising.

    This means that you will be compensated for everything that you can prove to be earnt income (P60 for civvy salary or accounts if you're self employed) plus any evidenced overtime, bonuses etc. Then there's stuff that you can provide reasonable evidence of any additional expenses incurred by you not being at home.

    Stuff you can 'claim' for without any paperwork is impossible now. Gardening costs if your a single property owner but tough shit if you're married. Similarly kennelling fees etc. If you can swing them, everything seems to be paid straight to the service provider.

    I know of someone who had his kids pre and afterschool club paid for along with taxi-fares as he drove and his misses didn't. Fees paid direct based on attendance and an account with the local cab-firm settled monthly if I remember correctly.

    You're unlikely to get away with fiddling anything worthwhile.
  9. Or brasso? i'm not really concerned with trying to fiddle as knowing my luck it'll get found out in an audit in years to come and i'll have to repay it! As for all the piss taking coments once i'd recovered from laughing i'll take them on board!

    I can claim for things like a dog walker providing i have receipts i understand this and have been told by the ROSO, but they dont always tell you an exhaustive list and this being Arse i imagined i may be able to get some help.....cue more winston/leroy jokes....i have, however heard of car payments being met to reimburse depreciation of the car, things like sky tv if i have a contract running whilst i'm away..the idea being if i'm not there to use it due to being mobilzed the MOD will reimburse me? Chilwell beckons at the end of the month so no doubt i'll find out more then but being forewarned can be forearmed..

    there's me thinking ARRSE would be some kind of help...DOH!
  10. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I did have some constructive suggestions, but if that's your reaction to the guys that have posted some decent info you can do one.
  11. This.

    Seriously, ignore the shite, thank the helpful people. Certainly I tried to be helpful. But no... you react with all the social abilities of someone I'd expect to be trying to milk the system.

    Think not what you can do for the system but what the system can do for you. Something like that anyway.
  12. sorry Gremlin, rough with the smooth and all that- i can read sarcasm and am usually up to speed on using it, thanks for constructive remarks although not everyone is as forthcoming....

  13. Your're in the TA not the Houses of Parliament.
  14. There's still a bit of a myth that Reservists claim for and get paid ridiculously inflated and unaudited amounts.

    Not really sure if this was ever really true but there's a natural animosity towards anyone who seems to be asking (on an open forum) a question which could be read like "what can I steal from the Defence Budget / Queens' handbag / Taxpayers' wallet".

    There's no exhaustive list because you can only ask for money back that you have spent because you're away.

    Take the advice or not, I couldn't give a **** - I'm bored and it's too dark to see any totty out the office window any more.
  15. yeah- i can see how it may have come across but that wasnt my intention. Was only interested in genuine help with what i can claim back,most of my current expences will have gone whilst i'm away as i'm selling my car/bike and giving up my rented flat, here are certain things i'm on a contract for that i'll be forced to continue to pay for, if the MOD have procedures in place to cover those eventualities then al good, if not then tough sh1t on me i guess. thanks for your input Freedomman