What can i claim for being in hospital? PAY STAFF HELP PSE!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by SLRbloke, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Not sure if anyone has asked this before, but i fail to get correct information from the pay staff where I am. Can any pay gurus advise me what i can claim for being in hospital for 12 days over xmas period. I am single Sgt living in the mess, paying normal food and accom. Can i claim LSSA? some same yes, others say no?

    Any advice gratefully recieved.

  2. Claim you got out alive?
  3. yep, sans MRSA too, so doing ok thanks!
  4. SLR - Rules have just changed - backdated to 1 Sep 06 - not had chance (or reason) to read in depth as yet - will have a shufty tomorrow and come back to you.
  5. If the hospital is in the same theatre as you and you were not casevaced from an operation whilst in receipt of LSSA then you will be entitled to GYH(D).

    I think your Food is refunded after the 10th day or something like that but you continue to pay accn charges.

    Of course I have been out of the Pay World for 2 and a bit years so I couldbe talking through a hole in my arrse.
  6. It would be pretty difficult fo it to be anything other!!
  7. This is the problem, i have been told by someone else here that i can claim food and accom back, and get LSSA. Dont know anything about GYH(D), as i was bedded down in hospital for the duration. Was not casevaced, was a routine operation i have been waiting for, nothing related to CASEVAC, etc.

    The problem im having at mo is everyone who advises me gives me a different answer....

    any more gurus who know the current policy?

  8. I was going on to say r permanent duty station - but I lost my train of thought !! - If I ever had one :oops:
  9. The rules changed recently. Amongst other things, you will get £5 per day, and pay no food or accommodation charges. There is more, which I will put up tomorrow when I'm in the office.
  10. Don't forget to check any insurance policies that you have, a lot of them make payments for days in hospital even if there is no loss of earnings involved.
  11. Don't know where VB gets £5.00 a day from or the no accom - here's the gen:

    In your case as you are unable to travel at the weekends you are entitled to LSSA which is started on day 10 backdated to day 1 in other words for the duration of your stay in hosp at the rate as per your "LSSA Clock" (lower/Middle or Higher) - this is from DSPSI 13/06 (200/106) if your RAO staff need to check.

    As you were not in for 14 days you still pay your accom charge and CILOCT but food should be refunded from day 1 - all as per RAAC, I can get chapter and verse if required but there should be no need.

    hopefully this will be enough to get things sorted!!
  12. The £5 a day is the IE which you are entitled to claim on a daily basis and as you are in hospital you do not need any receipts. If you were in a hospital overseas, the IE would be £10 per day. So fill in a 1771 and get it to your RAO.
  13. Thanks for that PMR - I missed a trick there!!! Good job you've got your finger on the pulse as usual!

  14. The full package, announced on 05 Oct 06 (but obviously not very widely), consists of:

    - £5 per day (UK) or £10 per day (overseas). This is to pay for things like the 'bedside robber' phone system and so on.
    - LSSA if you are in hospital for more than 10 days
    - If you are SIL or VSIL, additional travel allowance to enable family members to travel in order to help each other (eg granny travels to your house to look after kids whilst wife visits hospital)
    - No single accommodation charges whilst you are in hospital
    - Free blueys, e-blueys and fax blueys
    - Free delivery of parcels to hospital in the run-up to Christmas
    - A Christmas box (same as those on ops get)

    If you were injured in an operational theatre you also get:

    - Retention of any acting rank, until discharged from hospital or rehab
    - Priority for the award of campaign medal, if authorised
    - Your parent unit can claim OWP money to assist with welfare provision to your family whilst you are in hospital

    If you are in hospital for less than a month, you need to claim the daily allowance. Patient admin staff and hospital welfare officers at MDHUs/DGPs can help with this if necessary, though unit admin staff should know the score.

    Note that for some reason some of the above doesn't apply in NI, although this is being clarified.
  15. VB,

    Where did you get your info regarding accom from? RAAC Para 18005 k states as above - in this case SLR will still pay as he was in for less than 14 days, I hope you can correct me but Iv'e seen nothing to contradict this!