what can i claim for a 3 week exercise away from my unit?


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Disturbance allowance....eeerrrr no!
Possible IE
im going to a different unit for 3 weeks what can i claim regarding disturbance allowance and lsa ?

Bugger all, hopefully. Except maybe an off peak travel warrant to the new unit, via Crewe.
When you get back you can claim that you've done either

A: a different bird in the naafi every night, they were gagging for new meat
B: 3 weeks in Norway playing enemy for the SAS.
IE = Incidental expenses, £5 a day for out of pocket expenses that you dont need to keep receipts for

However I think thats only if you are on a course.


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LSA rate depends on what level you are on.
IE Incidental expenses. You may be entitled to £5.00 per 24 hour period, if it's an exercise you don't qualify!

Speak to your admin office.

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