What can I claim during an oversea course?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Zingari, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. With the new emphasis on 'actuals' as opposed to incidentals what you can and cannot claim for is confusing!

    I am going on a course in the new year in Europe - flown and hotel accommodated at mil expense. When in NATO barracks it is PAYD (and presumably without receipts so I will need to claim what back? Other than that what are my entitlements?

    Any info appreciated.
  2. LSA if the course is over 10 days and IE (Incidental Expendature for Papers, Phone Calls etc) at £10.00 per day overseas (£5.00 in the UK). If claiming in the UK you will have to provide a statement saying that you spent this amount per day. Check out the new JSP online.
  3. You haven't got to provide receipts for IE's in the UK. No receipts are required for sums up to £5 per day. I argued this quite recently with the RAO where I work. And it does say in the spirit of the regulations you can claim the £5 if you log onto t'internet and look at a online newspaper (or arrse)!
  4. Matelot, I think this is down to interpretation, certainly people I have spoken to have stated that UK units want a STATEMENT (as per my post above) as opposed to a RECEIPT and Germay based units want full reciepts, however, I have never had a receipt for a phone call made on a public phone and my mobile does not work overseas, again, some units will honour the claim within the UK in the spirit of the Reg, JPA will bounce it for audit if it's over the allowance anyway, being new to JPA please correct me if im wrong. Make sure the paper you buy is the Times plus a few copies of SMUT & Viz.
  5. As they want to be tight arsed fcukers with actuals now, I deliberately go out of my way to find the most expensive internet access whenever I'm away on a course and stick that in as my 'telephone call and newspaper'.

    It shouldn't matter whether you're UK or Germany based. You don't need receipts for under £5. They can audit it all they fcuking want-if they think I'm going to embarass myself by asking for a receipt for a newspaper in a shop, they can think again.

    And someone show me a hotel in the UK where you can get clothes laundered for £5.........
  6. matelot, What a fantastic new system.............NOT!!!!, no one seems to know what's right, Statement, no Statement, no Receipt under £5.00, Receipt for everthing, STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. :x
  7. Zingari, the answer to your question is you can claim the actual cost up to the appropriate subsistence rate for the country where the mess is located. Therefore all receipts are required. IE up to £10 per day can be claimed, tou will need receipts if you spend over £5 daily, however, there is a clause in the subsistence chapter that enables you to write a detailed statement if you have lost a receipt over £5. IE covers the cost of Laundry, newspaper and a 3 min phone call per day. LSA rolls out with JPA, so i you go before roll-out you will initially be entitled to LSSA if away from your duty station for 10 days or more.
  8. Thanks guys...............Its never simple is it! Designed that way so you can't be bothered to claim.