What can I claim? 1 off trip?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Pull_up_a_sandbag, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. I'm based in Germany and entitled to 1 trip back to the UK partly funded by the army, as far as I can understand.
    My parents have fled to foreign lands and I wish to visit them, but today I was told I could only claim £195. Is this true, I want to travel to Norway to visit family but because its not UK I can only get a measly £195. When am I likely to claim my 1 off trip if I have no requirement to go to UK.
    Can anybody help me with this as it has been a long time since I saw my family and getting to norway is about the same amount of money as travelling back to our old address in UK.
    Many thanks.
  2. Sorry fella, that is the limit you can claim up to as you are not going back to the UK.

    GYH(O) is to get you to the UK to visit family and friends, not to get you anywhere else in the world to visit family and friends.

    Something to do with being a UK recruited Army (in the majority)
  3. Relatives in the UK?
  4. I take my comment back, if you are a UK Passport holder, then it is to UK only.

    Sorry !!