What can be done?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by suits_U, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. Recently (not just on ARRSE) I have began to notice a feeling of
    resentment and general ill feeling toward the cadet forces,
    I cant really understand why but it is very apparent.
    Obviously the majority of members of the ACF expect the baiting and wind-ups and more often than not its pretty damn funny. But this light hearted approach seems to be turning somewhat sour.

    Of course the latest exploits of wo1slashedpenis and his alter-egos have not helped the situation here on ARRSE either.
    The cadet forces obviously have their faults, after being proverbiably (sp)
    shafted by the ACF myself I know only too well what the organisation can be like. However I have put in a lot of bloody hard work and effort in over the years.
    I dont think it is fair for serving/ex-serving folks to tar us all with the same brush of walts/peodo's/******* etc
    I accept of course there is the rare occasion of bad things happening within the cadet forces, and because it involves minors tends to affect people alot more than say, bullying in the regs.
    Agreed that example is not exactly on par with grooming a child but my point is whatever happens within cadets automatically comes to the top of the pile as far as bad press is concerned.
    Many cadet force types here on ARRSE seem to be the honest hard working types who go through all manner of shite to keep their units going,
    and defend the very nature of the ACF to the hilt.
    So getting back to the point, what do you guys think could possibly be done to improve the situation between the cadet forces and the outside world. Apart from working our way through the so called chain of command with a semi-automatic and replacing them all that is 8)
    And to everyone else who reads this the same question goes to you.

    This was meant as a serious post but will no doubt get dragged through the mud :) I await the baiting etc.
    But please could we try and keep it relatively serious.

    Then again sod it, it wouldnt be the site it is if it was all serious

    Cheers for any response

  2. oh come on, you get far more bad press against the army than against the ACF. in fact i am having trouble thinking of recent bad press against cadet instructors?
  3. Agreed, however I feel personally that more often than not it the incident would probably get squashed before it reached national press.
    to quote ACAB 'to keep their good name'
    But if something did gotits up the press would have a feild day dragging all manner of shite out which would probably lead to the ultimate demise of the cadet forces.
    However I will concede. Bad use of example
  4. I personally hav enever come across any bad mouthing off any Regs/TA with regards to the ACF.
  5. Neither have I directly. However myself and others I have spoke to not just from my county have noticed a change in attitude over the past few months.
    I know its not across the board, maybe it is more a case of the uninformed
    gobbing off
  6. I think you may need to look more closely at the posts that you consider to be slagging you (Cadets, AIs etc.) off. Most of the bad-mouthing seems to be coming from within, leading to some bandwagon on-jumping. Even the on-jumping seems no more than what you may term "usual" i.e. to the extent that you've taken good-naturedly in the past.

    I don't think anything needs to be done to resolve the situation. It'll settle by itself as boredom creeps in.

    The ACF is misunderstood by many of those who have had no involvement. It's easy to make accusations of walting against AIs as they wear the uniform but have no obligation to take up arms. But what is the alternative - re-role the ACF as Boy Scouts? No. The ACF has a role and the AIs permit the organisation to function.

    If I have any comment to make with regard to possible improvements, it would be to change the rank titles and insignia. Not to change the workings of the organisation, but to make a clear distinction between ACF and Army and put an end to any embarassment or ill-feeling that could arise when a cadet of senior rank has dealings with a soldier of more "junior" rank.

    Although my direct dealings with the ACF have been limited to just one weekend, I've had two kids that have spent a few years as cadets and I'd like to reassure you that those of us who know, do appreciate the work done by the AIs. They may not have the same military knowledge as a soldier, but they put a lot of effort into the work and accept that it is a generally thankless task.
  7. I appreciate your comments putteesinmyhands, but as I previously stated
    it is not just on arrse where I have discovered the ill feeling if anything the people on this site have a much better understanding of the cadet forces, if I took what I read on arrse as the general viewpoint of the masses not only would I be very narrow minded I would also be very sad :)
    What I am merely trying (albeit poorly) to ascertain is if any others are experiencing the same things and if so what we feel may be done to prevent such things and change attitudes.
    Again I thank you for comments so far.
  8. blah
  9. What can be done? IMHO Xplosive Rab my wee friend is start threads using less than 4 million words! My attention span does not stretch to much more than a couple of sentences at best! :wink:
  10. What can be done? Me for starters stop blaming Xplosive Rab for wittering threads and to sort my sh1t out!
  11. Cheers for that rab 8) An honest opinion from what sounds like
    one pissed off AI :)
    doomandgloom agreed lately my atention span lasts no longer than a a few sentences.

    Thats probably why I dont have a clue :)
  12. To be honest mate I felt exactly the same. And I totally agree with your post previous posts.
    its a shame that the ********* who do walt it up and go on a power trip can push out the decent AI's.
    A sad loss to the ACF if you leave, however if your lot are anything like mine, they probably wont care anyway :)
    Good luck in the TA though. I may follow in your footsteps
  13. Some of the replies above do indeed ring true.

    I've seen very little walting in my time with the ACF. Infact, there is far less now than there used to be say, 20 or so years ago. The access by our chain to previous service records has weeded out those few that remained. (I do remember an SMI in the late 80s wearing Boer War medals - most unlikely I think).

    To declare myself, I am a (mostly) happy ACF Officer. I command a detachment of (mostly) good, keen kids and (absolutely) committed and hard working AIs.

    Further up the chain, there are some good officers and then there are some less than adequate officers and some politicians. The 'less than adequates' tend to try their best and, at the very least, don't tend to bother anyone. They just keep out of the way.

    The dangerous ones are the politicians. Whatever our Regular and TA brethren may think, a Queen's Commission (even a General List 'B') confers some status upon the holder among the general populace and this really does go to some peoples' heads. The politicians are the ones who sometimes stop me being (mostly) happy with their manouvering and back-stabbing.

    In short, I'm quite picky who I associate with and you won't find me drinking with the politicians any time soon (possibly the reason for my CRs - or perhaps I really am useless and unfit for promotion?

    Yes, I am a career AI. But I get my promotions watching an originally useless little chav collecting her 4 Star badge and another painfully shy book worm wearing three stripes on her arm, etc. etc. We all have stories like this to tell and I have to say that the opinions of those who've never actually contributed to things like this are of limited validity.

    My appeal to all of you that think the ACF is populated by walts and poseurs, why not join and actually make a difference?
  14. 'People who swan around with Para Lids, Wings or Beige Berets are incredibly rare'

    Not in Kent they aren't