What camo?


Saw that in the ally thread, Spend 20 minutes trying to find it, Any ideas? :soldier:
Uk desert DPM, dyed with fabric dye as people were in the green zone.

How would one go about doing this/purchasing? (Not for airsofting or patrolling(prowling) the local streets)
i believe it is a dessie UBACS dyed by the troops, was used before the introduction of mtp. there was a thread about it somewhere
Thread link?

Or maybe a place to learn/buy ?
any particular reason you want to know? if you are getting deployed you get MTP and you wont be alowed to use it. If your on ex then theres the normal issued DPM.

However, it was dark green 'dylon' dye
''Uk desert DPM, dyed with fabric dye as people were in the green zone.''

.............either that, or he left some blue socks in his dhobi-bag?

I ended up with a PINK fooking rugby shirt once!!! Grrrrrr
Knowing the story from the bloke who was the reason why it happened (He'd bought a temperate DPM UBACS Pre tour) the story is brills!
They couldn't "fix" the dye (typically with cold water) so after taking their dyed shirts off the lads looked like the incredible hulk!
Nah, I was just wondering because im a gear whore.

Is is dyed by hand? Because its very accurate to the DPM?
fadism , your not a paintball or possibly even airsoft walt are you ?

Nope, I try to put a disclaimer in all my posts that seem "walty" I do not engage in the above activities.

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