What calibres and for which species?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by happybonzo, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. Somewhere there is a list of what calibres are "approved" for use on the various species.
    For example, .243 is supposed to be OK for Roe deer but the 22-250 is not and so on.
    Does anyone have such a list to hand?
  2. If you're shooting deer then you need a minimum of .243 - or 6mm - and it needs to be able to deliver a minimum amount of power. Factory ammo always complys.

    If you are in England and Wales, then this is legal for all deer. If you are in Scotland then you can shoot Roe with a smaller calibre.

    I use a 6.5 x 55mm swedish round on Fallow, Roe and Red deer and never have a problem. Soft recoil and I can put it where I want it. Then again, when I was in 1 Div...

    If you are shooting boar, moose or something else that is 'big' then you'll need a bigger bullet - something like a .308 is great.

    Keep at it

  3. .22 centrefire is now permitted in England and Wales for Chinese Water Deer and Muntjac.

    The Home Office Guidance list is supposed to be just that - guidance. Some police forces act as though it is law. For exampple, there is no real reason why 308 is unsuitable for fox but they will argue that it is "overkill". As you cannot overkill a single thing this argument is bollox so it should provide good reason. On the other hand, .223 for red deer would be unsuitable so would not provide a "good reason" for possessing it.
  4. Many thanks everyone; that's exactly the information that I needed.
  5. We aim to please! :D
  6. Not strictly correct the cal for roe + in England is .240 with min energy 1700 ftlbs.

    In scotland up to roe; CF .22 min muzzle 1000ftlbs min velocity .2450 50 grain min projectile. For the larger species you need .240 and min 1750ftlbs and min velocity 2450fps 100 grain min projectile

  7. For chav, I favour 7.62. Unless it's the breeding season in which case .50 will almost guarantee 'two kills for the price of one'.

    For larger concentrations of chav, such as tower blocks or Milwall games, you may wish to consider a 16 inch naval gun and/or cluster munitions.
  8. Taliban .50 cal
  9. Ancient Mariner:

    Not clear on the "2 kills for the price of one"
    For handgun both the .50S&W and .50AE have good muzzle energy but the factory rounds are IIRC all hollowpoint and I am not sure if the bullet would give adequate through penetration for a clean kill on the second chav.

    If you were referring to .50BMG in a Barrett I would concur it is more than adequate.
  10. ugly

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  11. For 'Driven Chav' I would use 12-bore slug, or add a historical note and use iron canon with canister.
  12. I find .700 Nitro Express caters for ALL occasions :wink:

  13. ugly

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    No such thing as overkill, dead is dead!
  14. I've been using area weapons on bunnies for years.