What Bush Got Right

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chief_Joseph, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. This thead could be balanced by what he got wrong. Buy the Rock Against Bush CD and check out the Will Ferrel spoof interview. Gigglefest.
  2. Probably written by a lefty.
  3. its a longer article than I imagined could have been written about what the shaved chimp got right!
  4. It's not complete. He hasn't topped himself yet.

    But I live in hope, I live in hope.
  5. What Shrub got right? Hmm...

  6. Well, the article is largely about how, while the Shrub may be the worst president in History, he did some things right, or (more accurately) adjusted his policies over time to be more rational, though a bit late in the game.

    The author is a respected, Indian born political thinker who certainly is not a part of the Neocon express
  7. And I think you have described perfectly the reality. It's not that Bush policy is now 'right', its less bad than previously. Some changes have occured, but it's mostly tinkering rather than talking the necessary bold steps to correct the errors. Moreover, most of those changes have been forced upon the administration rather than ones of their own choice.
  8. o Partly responsible for soaring energy costs that are a far more effective defense against global warming than Kyoto
    o Shattered the dangerous illusion of a uni-polar world
    o A lousy administrator but a fine exponent of low blow electoral politics
    o Made Septics suspect their inanely partisan political system is broken
    o Fatally wounded Reagan's Evangelical-Corporate dominated GOP
    o First US President that did not support the IRA

    I think American historians will look back on Bush as a pivotal President at the end of a golden age. As with JFK/LBJ it's his successors that will largely get the blame. He has changed DC's position in the world for the worse but that trajectory was in place when Clinton came into office. America will adapt, modernize and slowly move closer to being a still powerful but more normative state.
  9. Sorry, thought it was a trick question.

    His name - eventually?

    Transition from pencils to pens is always a key stage in developing a child's writing skills.