What Brown is really doing in the USA

He's picking up an award for "Statesman of the Year".

I am not joking! :roll:

Gordon Brown picked up his gong for Statesman of the Year last night in the U.S. The award came from an outfit called the Appeal of Conscience (which sounds like something Baroness Scotland should be introduced to).

It was presented to a grateful PM by Bono - who in a speech to Labour party conference once compared Brown and Blair to Lennon and McCartney. There will be cruel souls who say that in Number 10, Brown has turned out to be more like Ringo, although it should be remembered that in contrast the Beatles drummer was at least highly popular.

Anyway, there will be much sniggering on this side of the Atlantic at the PM’s elevation. He must try to close his ears to the inevitable cruel jibes, for the honour is a glimpse of his future in America if he loses the forthcoming general election. I predict that his friends, such as Paul Krugman, will secure him a grand academic post covering questions of government (brackets, Saving the World) and he will spend more and more time in the comforting embrace of the U.S. liberal establishment and ever less time in Britain. Sarah Brown will launch a transatlantic PR/charitable enterprise. They will buy a house in Cape Cod. Both will say what a relief it is to be out of the Number 10 bunker.

Still, that doesn’t stop this award being quite funny.
Also honoured are a couple of corporate bosses.

The Appeal of Conscience is some sort of bizarre "foundation" like Bliar's ego-trip (fat chance of Brown getting an award from that!) so this is up there with the nick-nacks from the Franklin Mint (except the Elvis Presley Dambusters Clock Plate of Tutankhamun, which is a genuine artwork of quality).


"I could not dig, I dared not rob
Therefore I lied to please the mob.
Now all my lies have proved untrue
And I must face the men I slew.
What lies will serve me here among
Mine angry and defrauded young?"

Size 7&3/4 cap for Mr Brown.
So it's a sort of "Plonker of the Year" award, is that right? If so, then Swamping Gordon's the man to award it to!

You don,t suppose he was looking for advance bookings for Lecture circuit after he receives "The Most Excellent Order of the BOOT", next year do you.?
I'm hopeless - I thought the answer would be:

wasting President Obama's time,
trying President Obama's patience,
running away from Frau Merkel,
running away from Monsieur Sarkozy,
making excuses,
looking for a job,
nauseating everyone there,
reducing the nation's prestige even further,
being laughed at,
causing everybody to wonder who he is,

or at least one of the above. I never imagined for a moment that we had really entered Alice's 'World of Wonderland'.

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