What Britain needs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vandyke, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Yeah and while we're at it let's stone people to death in public...
  2. If its for drug dealers then i'll be happy with stoning.
  3. All in favour for the deserved.
  4. Can we castrate rapists, child molesters and MDN while we're at it?
  5. I don't support capital punishment and I think anyone who does should be shot.
  6. Yes, Allah Akbar!
  7. Fcuking good idea - think it'll catch on too. Whilst we're at it we might as well start chopping hands off for theft and slitting noses etc.

  8. Capital Punishment is one of those areas which you either love or you hate, really. Much like marmite...

    Seriously, though, naming and shaming this fella will have a bigger effect than any fine etc. would ever have on him - the community he lives in knows what scum he is now, and thus he will have to sort himself out or leave. Either way, result for the community at large. I find it difficult to dislike this punishment...
  9. yeah, ands lets stone pub landlords to death too, peddlars of death inducing liquids.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Public floggings, tarring and feathering - right on the button!
  11. there was another good article in one of the papers about coppers from the 30's crooks had more respect for them then, a punch in the face from a pc from answering back seems like a good idea to me, to much political correctness and human rights these days for them to do their job correctly.....

    And lets face it who do these so called human rights really benefit??

  12. Mmm - ironic really because I bet it was the drug dealing UDA scum that 'police' the area that were behind the tar-and-feathering, regardless of the claims of their spokesman on this morning's R4 Today programme. So they were judge and jury on the trial of a potential small-time rival flogging drugs on their patch.

    Mob law is no law at all. It leads to the death of innocents because of gang members wielding guns and administering justice.
  13. onur right there Mrs Raven, we just need to let the police do their job, lets cut all this political correctness crap. You need to know though that when you call the police they are actually do something....
  14. Yep - cut the crap paperwork and let them get out and lift people. And if we want them to do the job we have to start calling them rather than going down the 'don't grass to the pigs' or 'its not my problem' root.