What brigade is 254 med regt in ?

ive heard that they are in 101 log brigade ,is this true ?
From what I have been told, and having been retired some time it confused me a little but I don't think they have been given a Bgde. My understanding is that it is a hybrid type regiment with only 1 regular squadron, as to whom they are tasked to support, I don't think they know either
The last time I checked:

254 Med is OPCON 49 (E) Bde until 01 Apr 09, when it resubs to 101 Log Bde. In addition to its current Sqns, it will assume command of a regular squadron in Preston. RHQ remains in Cambridge.
thanks so its not just me who is unsure .

254 are part of 101 log brigade
There is one regular squadron ( c sqn) Which are based at fulwood bks Preston
The remaining sqns and RHQ (TA) are at Cambridge
I hope this help with the confusion

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