What boys comics did you grow up with?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pandaplodder, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. For me it all started with Battle, the first issue back in the early 70's came with a wall poster of what a British Infantryman would have wore/carried at D Day, second issue was stickers of Army badges.

    Used to love the D-Day Dawson series

    I used to get Warlord as well (think that was were I came across Union Jack Jackson - Royal Marine serving with USMC), joined the Warlord club then brought the spin off Fireball (another club to join!) and occasionally Victor, always got the annuals for Christmas though.

    I never liked Action though

    Never had any football comics though
  2. Beano and Dandy.

    Used to buy them from the YMCA in Fallingbostal!
  3. Hmm let me think, Battle, Warlord and Victory, god knows where they came from, must have been jumble sales or mates mums clearing out the cupboards, 2000ad and the one with Dan Dare as well but the new version
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  4. Battle Action Force (which then split back into two)

    2000AD (I still read the graphic novels)
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  5. Beano, mostly. Occasional Dandy, but wasnt struck on that. Commando, when ever i could afford it, usually on a sunday on me way to me grans house, i'd get a Commando and a roll of Munchies or Mintoes for on the bus
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  6. Victor,sparky (thinking mans Beno). Valiant,Hotspur (lots of words). Battle,Warlord,Fiesta and Mayfair.
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  7. Bullet, Warlord, Battle, Action, Krazy, Eagle & the occasional bout of 2000AD buying. Beano, Dandy, Topper & Beezer at and earlier stage.
  8. I didn't get any comics regularly but remember reading Commando and Victor in the barbers.
  9. Harrison Marks, Health and Efficiency, Freemans Catalogue, Revallie.
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  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The Beano,Look In & the was one that was taken over by 2000AD that I can't remember,then I graduated to Razzle,Escort & the odd Whitehouse.....
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  11. Hmmm just had to think there, I said Victor when I meant Valiant pretty much saw all of them at one time.

    I can remember seeing the ACF and ATC adverts and thinking that 13 seemed a long way off to a 7 year old
  12. The Hotspur!!
    If only to see the japs getting some and squealing AIIYEEE.I forget what the dirty hun shouted when he got it.
  13. Cheapskate, I graduated to a lovely collection of Mayfair
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  14. Used to get a pile of Victory and Commando comics from my grandad every so often but my pocket money was spent on Eagle then 2000AD.
  15. War and Peace, Mein Kampf, Encyclopedia Brittanica, Railway Magazine, Trains
    Illustrated and Rudyard Kipling, that's why I'm very, very clever..........................

    Oh, I forgot and 'BUNTY'