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What boots ???

I know this has probably been covered in another thead , but does anybody know what boots we are going to be using when MTP comes in.
Are we having black for uk and dessies for in the sand ????
Well I love my over-the-knee/thigh high flat boots, but if I wear a skirt I wear them with a high-waisted one and at LEAST mid-thigh length skirt to keep it classy. I've never had anything but compliments. Plus, I'm short so it doesn't look slutty.

No good without photos fella................... it's all just talk.


You're right it has been covered in another thread, possibly the PCS one.....Gearspotter has hinted that as of 2012 we're wearing brown boots.
WTF? We'll look like bloody saffricans!


War Hero
According to page 8 of this month's Soldier there will be a choice of commercially available brown boots as there is for deserts on Herrick, so Lowas or Meindls then probably...
yeah thats the fockers were getting
Soldier magazine have posted we are getting brown boots, as black seriously compromises MTP...when will we change the colour of our BIG BLACK WEAPONS?
How the frog are we going to polish them

Brown boots will require brown polish, much in the vein that black boots require black polish. Use brushes/a rag and apply techniques previously applied to black boots. Shouldn't go too far wrong.
Apparrently some Canadian firms already got the contract. 'Swat I heard anyway....

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