What Boots Would You Buy?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by MrBane, Dec 14, 2011.

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  1. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The Scenario:

    You're about to deploy to Afghanistan and are expecting a highly kinetic tour against an effective and fluid enemy.

    The British Army has made so many cutbacks that the new issue boot is made from recycled toilet paper and instantly causes blisters on your feet and so you have absolutely no choice but to buy your own pair of boots.

    You will be out the gate for most of your tour and can expect little downtime. It's going to be a summer tour and so you need a pair of comfortable but robust and supportive boots that you know you can rely on. They're going to have to last you the entire tour.
    There's no second option, no fall-back. What you buy is what you wear for the next six months.

    Before you can be authorised to buy and wear your boots you must justify why you've picked that brand or precise model.

    So which boot manufacturer and why?

    Please Vote on the Poll!
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  2. The ones issued mate, I preferred the lowas,
  3. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Vote on the poll please mate. We're trying to get an idea of what peeps go for.

  4. It's a bit pointless as you need to find what suits you. If you buy a pair of boots because your mate likes them then he may have totally different feet to you, boots not wide enough, long enough, too hot, not hot enough.
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  5. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Everyone has a preference for boots generally speaking. So which brand would you go with instinctively?
  6. If you are light on your feet and switched on and appreciate that looking after your kit, your kit will look after you, I would hazard a guess that any of the above would last six months. If you want a pair of boots for a **** that wont polish his boots, when I say polish, I mean de-lace and rub polish into every pore of the leather, then I would suggest a pair of hunter wellys, with C U N T written up the sides of each.

    ALTBERG do make excellent boots however, ignoring them for six months, I couldnt comment on how they will perform, I have 1 pair of Zamberlans, 1 pair of La Sportivas.
  7. So whats wrong with Matterhorn?
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  8. OK, I know I'm not Brit Army. But I'm partial to the issued, too cheap arse, although I do have a pair of these 'bad boys'. OTB Bushmaster, the toe is a bit narrow for my liking, as I tend to 'push' forward when traversing down shitty ground.

  9. I prefer Ugg Boots!
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  10. What are the current issue boots like? When I was in I was issued 2 pair of black GPs. Then came the "interim" brown boots cardboard. I thought they were ok.
  11. Is this serious? Your in the Army wear the issue boot, your feet will get used too them, they are free and if you break them you can get some more. I was a halfway decent infantry Cpl, I based all my kit around issue stuff and it was fine. I did by some kit HH underkit a multi fuel stove and a metal mug but not much. It was good enough for my 8 years. Is it because you want racing gucci gear or is the issue stuff really that bad?
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  12. This is the real rub, Man at Q&M will replace any issued kit. If you break your Gucci items you cannot replace them easily.
  13. I have a pair of Alt-Berg Warriors and I must say that they are the best boots I've worn. I'd worn the issue boots for about 3 years, and seeing as they fit me very well and were well broken in I didn't think I had a problem with them. However after repeatedley walking long weighted distances in them (preparing for a civvie event) I began to realise that i was the only one in the group putting up with fucked feet and sore hips!

    Bought a pair of Alt-Berg warriors and they are perfect! Very well padded all over, great ankle support and most importantly for me they have a great sole (very soft, especially when compared to the issued shite) Even the rubber is softer and easier on the joints than the issue boots (though this probably means it will wear quicker). Took a while to break in but as is normal with higher quality leather etc.

    Thoroughly reccommend Alt-Berg.
  14. There's my point i'd say Altberg are utter shite but they suit you, they don't suit me.
  15. Ah, memories, black GP's, I was also issued Boots AB and gaiters but I digress, Nah, the issue boots are fit for purpose, everyone tends to honk and flap about boots, very subjective topic and no doubt this thread with fill with everyones personal thoughts. As I earlier said I'm too tight to pay for gucci kit, but I do have some aftermarket jobbies but don't get too hung up about them - vehicle ops: a second class ride is better than a first class walk.