What bootmaker is the best between Lowa and Meindl?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by TamH70, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. I am thinking of getting a good pair of walking boots, basically because I have destroyed two sets of soles on the Asolo ones I already own and they were never all that comfortable anyway.

    I have heard good reports about the two brand names mentioned in the subject, but have had no direct experience, so I was wondering if any of the ARRSERs could give me a heads up?


  2. Never tried Lowa, but have had the same pair of Meindls for 15 years and several hundred km. Comfortable, waterproof (if you re-spray them every now and then) and the soles are only just beginning to show signs of wear. Can't remember the model name, but they're a woman's boot, at the suggestion of the guy in the shop. He reckoned they gave just as much support as the blokes' version but were lighter. They are exclusively for walking, however: there's no way you could make them look military enough to satisfy the Badge!
  3. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    One hates to intrude, but since one is here, it would be rude not to.

    Someone once asked Keith Richards "Whats the best guitar in the world?"

    And he said "Give me ten minutes and I'll make them all sound the same".

    One suspects it is the same with walking boots. Or maybe the people who did the Long March with Mao Tse Tung had expensive American boot sponsors?
  4. If TamH70 were on the same stuff as Keith Richards, all boots would feel the same to him as well.
  5. Personally, I would look into the Altberg sneeker. A trip too the factory would be well worth it. Expecially when your boot is tailor made to your foot.
  6. I've always been a Lowa man, once they get kicked to **** they are relegated to gadening duties but still have years of use.

    Having said that I've got a funny walk, overpronate and youcan tell by the sole wear on the heel.

    You can virtually jump straight into lowas with little breaking in.

    I think lowas may be a bit clonkier (heavier) though

    Only meindls I have worn are the desert jobs, which did the job
  7. Lowa and Meindl are very similar in many ways, along with Hanwag as they're closely related as I understand it. I've always loved Meindl walking/mountaineering boots and have Lowas for green stuff. The lasts are very similar in shape so both fit me properly and wear is about equal.

    It's really about what you fancy and what fits your feet best. I'd go for Meindls but that's just custom and practice on my part rather than any sensible reason!
  8. I am a Scarpa man myself. My last pair (Alps) lasted 13 years of mountainous abuse. I now have a pair of Manta GSBs and a pair of Nepals and they are both excellent.

    Long story short - don't pick a brand, pick a boot that fits well. Go to a big store with plenty of choice and take your time trying on boots until you find one that fits. Different manufacturers use different lasts - Italian (Scarpa, Asolo, Zamberlan) boots tend to be a bit slimmer than British (Brasher) or German/Austrian/Swiss (Lowa, Meindl/Mammut) ones.

    Don't go on a Saturday (too many punters and too many students employed as assistants who know nothing) and don't be in a rush.

    Don't off the interweb unless you have tried exactly the same boot on in a shop.
  9. As said before..get boots that feel comfy, not boots that have a name. I personnally have Lowa "shaped" feet...I loved my Scarpas but they were too narrow for me.
  10. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    The Italian boots tend to be built for the narrower, Italian foot. (It's why we Brits don't look good in slip-ons or winklepickers, but I digress...) The result for me is that I tend to wear out the inside back of the heel long before the soles have shown appreciable wear.

    I bought a pair of Raichle Mountain Trail GTX, as Hanwags are too narrow in the toe-box for me. The Raichles have been fine, not a mark on my feet from the word go as they were built on a last designed for the British foot. I've seen reviews on the web complaining about sole delamination, though mine have been fine.

    It's as long as it is wide; nothing beats trying a few pairs on. Best boots I've ever had were a pair of the original Zamberlan Trek Lites - again, back then, around 1988-ish, they were built on a British last but are not so now from what I can gather (and later models of Zamberlan have felt bloody awful). I'd expected to step straight into the Hanwags from what I'd read on here and elsewhere, and yet not so.

    You're best served putting some time aside and going shopping.
  11. Thanks for the tips. Seems I have some thinking to do, and fast (to make sure I get the boots before my money walks out on me, :cool: )

  12. Brasher are shi*e IMHO. The are ok for trails etc but rubbish on hills. I had the Brasher Hillmaster GTX which I bought stupidly becuase the bloke in Blacks said they were good - He lied. Altberg all the way, the boots I have from them are a brown Civvie pair and I think they have been discontinued however they are very similar to the peacekeeper but with a slightly stiffer sole and they are crampon compatible too. Had them about 18 months and they are great. I also own Peacekeepers and Sneakers which are also great.
  13. Altberg. They're much lighter than the both the Lowas and Meindls, handmade, and when the sole goes bust you can send them back to the Altberg factory and they'll fit a new sole. They just keep going.
  14. RDM and mag to grid speak the truth.
    But do pop in to their shop/factory in Richmond and get measured up before you buy!