What "Best Advice" do you remember from Basic Training?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by rmgbem, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. We used to get lessons from the CSM on anything and everything covering the "unwritten" rules of Army life. Always remember the advice "never fiddle the accounting for cash, rations, fuel, ammunition and weapons". Also things like "always be in the right place, with the right kit 5 minutes before the right time"!

    Still holds true today but what surprises me is today's recruits get nothing like it! We used to call it "Sar'nt Majors Hour".

    (B Coy Jnr Ldrs RAOC, 1969-1972)
  2. Still holds true today but what surprises me is today's recruits get nothing like it! We used to call it "Sar'nt Majors Hour".

  3. " Look around, if you can't see the mong it's you ! "
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  4. "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime!" Said to me by the RP Sergeant while I was undergoing 21 days unit nick.

    "Sometimes it's easier to just admit you're wrong!" Said to me by my co driver after an accident.

    "The best things in life are hairy" said to me by some driver in the Naafi bar.

    That's it I think!

    "sorry Corporal"
  6. Don't eat yellow snow!

    No-one ever said don't use yellow snow to make some cnutting troopies morning tea though, ha ha!!! :)
  7. AAGF


    Don't drop the soap!
  8. Any fool can be uncomfortable in the field.
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  9. Shit happens, said my No2 as the windows of Plumstead power station turned to powder.
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  10. Never give up, never sign off
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  11. In a similar vein, "Any **** can rough it". Not just in the field, either; make life as easy for yourself as possible whenever you can. No other ****** will.
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  12. 1. Don't rush getting off the bus. You'll be getting back on it shortly.

    2. As has been said, anyone can rough it.

    3. On time is late. 5 minutes early is on time.

    4, never ever, for any reason what-so-ever, leave an exercise location without your sleeping bag.

    5. Once you've thrown the grenade, stay standing so you see where it lands. ("you can **** off")

    6. Never admit to being a practising homosexual. Always state you are fully skilled.

    And a Police one.

    I am a Sergeant. Do not abbreviate it to 'Sarge, or I'll abbreviate your rank...and you are a Constable.
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  13. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Never get separated from your kit.

    Never trust the RAF.

    Never march on Moscow.

    You can get away with many types of mis-behaviour, but those involving money, drugs or sex usually spell Endex (if you get caught).

    (These are all officer basic training ditties from the late 70s.)
  14. .
    "Don't stick your finger in where you wouldn't stick your cock". Tis quite true and I still have all ten digits to prove it. Mind you, I'm still a virgin and my fingers have been in more holes than my penis. *Sighs*
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  15. Not much really, considering that the training staff apparently believed that a thin film of toothpaste left on your toothbrush made you 'a grotty fuckin' bastard' and a tiny spot of dirt on your pumps constituted 'half the ******* training area'...
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