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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by PapaGolf, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. All over the nation, there are hundreds of thousands of people who live for poncing off the welfare state. There are team of lawyers and soliciters who specify in what you can claim for and how much you can milk off the system, generally aimed at those who turn up from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
    Now, for all those who are newly redundant (I've not had the phone call yet cos I'm on leave), I've put out a list of different categories so if someone can fill in the details we can use it as a one-stop-shop for all those who want to ponce back all that tax they've had to shell out over their illustrious careers, instead of letting it go to some 30 stone scum bag with 9 kids, or Iqbal the welfare refugee.

    1. Single, no kids, no job, no house
    2. Single, kids, no job, no house
    3. Married, no kids, no job, no house
    4. Married, kids, no job, no house
    5. Single, no kids, house
    6. Single, kids, house
    7. Married, no kids, no job, house
    8. Married, kids, no job, house

    This is anticipating that those with a house, have used their gratuity or redundancy money to pay off the bulk of thier mortgage, but still have monthly bills to pay. Do they get more if they live in their own home or someone elses? Add disability where appropriate, and any other category you can think of. All the above is so that those that have served can get as much as they can. Cheers
  2. Aw give it a ******* rest eh? I lost 39 seconds of 'Come Dine With Me' just to read that.
  3. Only asking, as not every one is going to get a job. Hang on is Come Dine With Me on? I've been watching The Professionals driving around in their silver Capri
  4. From recent experience. If you are in possession of a Military pension then you are entitled to no benefits whatsoever. This includes JSA, Council Tax, working tax and housing benefits.

    I was made redundant and had to do the round Robin for each of the departments in order to see what I could claim for. The answer was the same throughout. The only thing the social will cover is NI credits to keep your stamp up to date.

    It's a great country we live in.
  5. It is indeed...

    I looked in to this, i need a one year tideover in order to qualify for my chosen profession should i be SDSRd prior to completing it. No help for me or mine.

    Infact, we'd be better off seperating and the mrs and sprogs going it alone, with me surviving on my pension and living in a tent on campus....

    Makes me look back on my near 20 years (man and boy) service to my country with pride. Don't get me started on the taxes and NI Contributions.
  6. Well a military pension will cover the gas/eleccy/council tax/mortgage at a push, what about jobseekers allowance, or benefits to pay for food, or leather jackets and cigarettes like all the dole ponces round Hull have got
  7. Sooooooo naive! Everyone on the dole works for cash in hand or has multiple sprogs they dont feed or clothe so they can ponce off their child benefit.

    Only brainwashed ex forces actually play the game by the whiteman's rules on posting to civ div!
  8. once you leave , as u have a full pension you will be entitled to no benefit payments. simple answer. although it would be nice to have housing benefit, council tax benefit, job seekers allowance along with a full military pension and redundancy payment. you really need a reality check.
  9. Nope, it's the Good Life for me.
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just a quick reminder. If you've been working for the taxpayer you have not really been paying taxes. Your 'PAYE' is just an accounting trick. It's other peoples money being recycled. Indeed whilst you have not been ponging off the taxpayer your contribution to the financial wealth of the nation is negative.

    Your contribution to society is in different areas. Swear, tears and potentially blood.

    Just be careful thinking that anyone owes you a living. Those who contribute to the tax pot are fairly generous to the Armed Forces but they don't necessarily owe you a living for life.
  11. And they make you queue at the job centre and sign on with the great unwashed just for your NI contributions.

    Although I do believe its an appointment system now where you get a 10 minute slot.
  12. Council tax will be on a sliding scale depending on your income. As I am not at work today I took the time to phone the council and gave them the following scenario:

    No job, no savings, pension £874 per month, wifes part time earnings £400 per month, 2 children under 16, council tax band C.

    They did a quick calculation and said I would be entitled to £12 per week. Over a year that works out to £624 which is half my council tax.

    Everyone's financial circumstances will be different, but its worth enquiring.

    The only stumbling block in my scenario came when I looked at the downloadable claim form, 32 pages, I kid you not, 32 bloody pages!!
  13. If you're going to be out of work dont forget to phone the tax man and get your allowance off set against your pension.
  14. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the world owes me a living, although some will. I've made arrangements over the last 10 years to make sure if I got the boot tomorrow, Me and the family would be alright for at least a year after the last pay packet drops in.
    The sad fact is, the average tom, who with no qualifications, who even though he has had the foresight to buy a house, using some of his Afghanistan money as a deposit, suddenly finds himself and his family out of work and He's unable to find a job in the 12 months he got out, and now has to find the funds to support himself and his family whilst using what little he has amassed pension-wise to pay for his mortgage. Surely the DSS can't just **** him off?
  15. Sorry PG but they can and will.

    I am positive that before this thread concludes plenty of assers will post similar entries to mine.

    You've done your time and served your country well, now you're on your own, why do you think we need charities like H for H.