What benefits can he claim?

I am basically after information and advice from the horde of knowledgable ARRSERS out there. The facts (as far as I know them) are as follows:

My son took redundancy last September, he has his own flat and has a lodger who pays rent which covers the mortgage.

He applied for Jobseekers Allowance but was turned down on the grounds that he did not have enough NI stamps (despite having worked continuously for 2 years since graduating). When he applied for Council Tax Relief he was turned down on the grounds that he had money coming in from the lodger (as if that would cover the massive Council Tax charged in this area).

In January, he got a short term contract then, in March, got what promised to be a full time job - unfortunately, Head Office closed the branch down after he'd been there 10 days.

Since then, as the recession deepened, he has not had a glimmer of a job interview, and, apart from the rent from the lodger, has no money coming in. The council has threatened on two occasions to send the bailiffs in and his appeal against the Jobseekers decision was turned down.

I have been supporting him with an allowance out of my wages each week so that he does not starve and pays basic services, but, obviously, this cannot go on indefinitely. I keep hearing about people 'signing on', which indicates that some sort of unemployment benefit is available, but he has been to the local jobcentre and has found them just about useless.

Whilst I realise that it is in Gordon's interest to keep as many people out of the unemployment figures as possible, things are getting desperate.

With the combined savvy of ARRSE members, I would be obliged if anyone could offer me advice as to what benefits can be claimed or where we could go from here.

My son is not a 'benefit scrounger' and is trying his hardest to find employment, but there just aint nutting around.
I think he would be better off without the lodger! See here:

6.4 If I am on benefit (such as Income
Support, Housing Benefit or Council Tax
Benefit), will letting accommodation affect

Yes. Any income received is taken into account when
working out entitlement to benefits. Also, in some
cases, even if the occupier pays little or nothing to
the landlord and shares his or her accommodation,
benefit may be calculated taking into account how
much he or she could reasonably be expected to
pay. This generally applies only for letting-torelatives
type arrangements. You should check with
your local benefits office.


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