what barracks would i be going to?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by scousadan, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. alrite lads :D

    i want to join the para's im from liverpool

    would i be getting put into 4para's wheres there barracks?

    and also would there be other scousers there lyk because it says in the army book "units have strong regional identity because of local recruiting" ???

    not that im assed lyk i'd just rather no if im going to end up in the middle of no where surrounded by gypsys haha
  2. duno mostly the paras are based in colchester but i duno 4 para are though
  3. 4 paras are the reserves, i fink they recruit from liverpool

    i checked the aarsepedia ;)
  4. 4 Para is TA, HQ Pudsey, WhiteCity/Croydon. Pudsey/St Helens/Hepbern/Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  5. 4 Para Sniper Platoon are in St Helens
  6. i stand corrected :)

    i want to go in the regulars so i'll be in 3para won't i

    a just wanna no if im gunna be with other lads from my area, surely there must be loads of scousers in there
  7. Yeah Dan I spose there will be :roll:
  8. yeah becuase scousers are like the hard as nails backbone of the parachute regiment :roll:

  9. Y EYE MAN obv
  10. Isnt that something people from my part of the world would say?
  11. My bold; you will get the choice of 2PARA or 3PARA.
    4PARA are the TA reserves.

    1PARA I believe you have you apply for after a good few years of service with either 2 or 3 as 1Para back up Special Forces.

    Goodluck with your application, have you headed down the AFCO yet?
  12. i'll ask the questions ere

    ya geordie twat...

    o.m i lyk geordies :wink:
  13. thanks mate i didn't no ya had a choice which 1's better lyk who's got the better barracks n that?

    and no im going down there this week :D
  14. It's up to you to decide which Batallion you prefer.

    Take a look at these links:



    Don't base your decision on what barracks you believe are better, make your decision based on the units history and pride. Research into both and make your choice from there.

    Hope i could help :)
  15. Link

    According to the above link (which took me two minutes to find), P Coy is located at Catterick, North Yorkshire; Para Reg is based in Colchester in Essex.

    I doubt the paucity of Scousers will be your main issue when you get to training anyway. Just brush up on your Queen's English first and try not to steal peoples' bootlaces when you get there ;)