What bandwagon have I just jumped on?...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by reassuringly_badgers, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. In a few moments of boredom I ripped apart an old Arrse tie and then sewed it back together again as a piece of womens underwear.

    Now forgive me for being a newbie, but have I just commited sacrelige? Or have I been dull and followed the crowd of ever-growing green, black, pink and brown clothing wearers? A bit like the "charity wristband" explosion perhaps?

    Or have I just created The Arrse Lingerie Range sold exclusively at Anne Summers. Ahem. Now I'm just getting carried away!

    Lastly - would you wear one? (male or female)....
  2. well done R_B i most definatly would wear one on my head with pride!

    do they come in french panties too?
  3. Looks a bit painful to me, with my plums dangling out like a pair of spaniels ears, i dont think it would be very flattering to say the least
  4. One word, Sabre: chafing! 8O :?
  5. I'm going to vote "no" because those horizontal stripes will make me look fat.

    Wait, no — it's my big a$$ that'll make me look fat. Never mind. :oops:
  6. Hahahaha....

    Funniest quote of the day and it's only just gone 8am!

    Like the idea though - it's not just pants
  7. Yeah not bad for a g-string. At least it would be a different kind of talking point for some people on disrobing

    "My god! You are an ARRSEr too!!"

    Matching cheb restraint rb??
  8. Love it does it come with a matching pool ball and leather strap gag combo!!
  9. WOW you can see right into my mind! 8O

  10. I booted up photoshop and the online "Victoria's Secret" catalogue to have a go myself but I got a bit, er, distracted on page seven.

  11. Will granny-knickers do?

    Guess I'll have to knock up a bra and a rollock vice.

    Veg, suggest use nearest female friend as model. All the excuse in the world... :lol:
  12. Snoopy models it very well I think.