What badges/flashes do I wear? (ex Royal Marine joins Army)

All correct. But army people no longer wear the red/black knife. Only RAF wear that now.
Purely out of interest....what is worn instead of the Dettol badge on No2s etc. I get the TRF/mudguards in working dress.


What do they wear on mess dress?

As per my previous, miniature version of the No 1 Dress FS dagger badge on 'triangle' (in gold thread). The red on black cloth one is now only on No 2 dress.

ETA: From dress regs

Army Commando. The shoulder flash is worn at the top of the shoulder of both left and right arms of Combat Uniform. The dagger badge is worn on all other uniforms
Hello all,

I was a fully trained Royal Marines Commando for a few years. After several years as a Civvy I have joined my local army reserves unit. While on Mod 1 I was advised by the DL that I should wear the commando dagger and be proud of my previous achievements in the forces (which I am). However, I have also been advised by another source to where the army commando flashes which, I am not sure is correct cos I didn't do the AACC.

There are several threads about this on here but I am yet to see a definitive answer, any help will be gratefully received.

I was on a course with a former Royal who was then Royal Engineers. He wore his green beret and Army Commando shoulder titles.
Mudguards would be preferable.
You are of course correct.

I'm now trying to imagine how a "mudflap" arrangement could be displayed.

Perhaps a Army Commando brassard that was only secured at the top (after an enthusiastic game of freckles, or course).
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Glad to be of service, bet you wished you hadn't asked @.@


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It ain't a dagger, It's a knife.
Out of interest/morbid curiosity, how would you define each, and what would be your definition of the differences between the two ?

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