What badges are still being worn?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Mike_2817, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. With the advent of the Corps TRF and Union Jack Flash, What other unit badges are still being worn? On Combat 95 or other uniforms.
  2. AT and ATO ar still being worn. Tank transporters arent allowed to wear theirs as far as i know. marchwood still have theirs. Rad ops started to wear their flags in certain units and dont forget sammy sperm for either 102 or 101 log brigade, cant remember which even though i apparently belong to one!
  3. Tank Transporter qulified pers can wear theirs. It's down to unit discretion.
  4. Speedy, i have seen on e-bay a pair of 95 DPM Rank Slides with the TT Badge embroidered along the bottom :?:
    Are these in fact worn by any particular Sqn?
  5. 101
  6. 321 EOD Sqn are still wearing theirs. The wee little Felix fella on the shirt & jacket arm.
  7. Proberbly all of them, as regardess of the fact that all of the Tk Tptr sqns are now located under the umberella of other regts they are still closely related to each other, and their PRI's source from the same place.
  8. Saw an interesting picture in a North American newspaper of a British Army Dog Handler in Iraq. She had on her arm a large rectangular badge, with a blue background and a picture of some mythical winged beast on it. Any ideas as to what formation/ Unit the badge belongs to?
  9. Have you still got a picture of it?
  10. RLC seem to have done the opposite! With many badges no longer worn.

    These are some I hear are still worn:

    23 Pioneer Regiment the Red/Green Flash
    168 Pioneer Regiment (V) wear a numbered version
    47 AD Sqn the Yellow Dakota on Blue
    321 EOS Sqn - Green Felix the Cat on Black
    158 (Royal Anglian) Transport Regiment RLC (V) Yellow/Red 'Minden Patch' Woven on Black Felt plus Khaki Beret

    101 Logistic Brigade, Black Sammy the Sperm on Green
    102 Logistic Brigade, White Axe on Green
  11. Sorry Mike, over efficient cleaners. Tried to find a link to the newspapers archive section but apparently they don't have one.
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Did anyone see Master Chef on BBC2 the other day?

    The egg ops helping out at St Omer all had their TRFs on upside down!!

    Oh dear.
  13. Gasmaskwilf, sounds a bit like a Griffin (Gryphon): eagles wings, and head and a lions body? Used to be symbol of 24 Airmobile Brigade, now superseded by 16 Air Assault Bde. Any help?
  14. As a Tankie I'm quite interested - why do Tank Transporter qualified peeps get to wear that badge - is it a very tough course? I've seen RAF personnel wearing them too. Do you get extra pay as well?
  15. They used to get extra pay and apparently the operational reason for the badge was so they could be recognised at an RV by the Tankies. Its funny because they wear the symbol on their CS 95 rankslide and no-one seems to mind, but if they wore the old badge on their breast it got the old DRLC reaching for the herbal essences.