What attracted you to the multi-billionaire Warren Buffet?


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I see George soros is to marry a woman half his age.

George Soros, 82, engaged to yoga website boss Tamiko Bolton, 40 - Telegraph

Billionaire investor George Soros had a lot to celebrate at the weekend: his 82nd birthday and the engagement to his much younger girlfriend, Tamiko Bolton.

Soros proposed to Bolton, 40, a few weeks ago during a weekend visit to the Hamptons, a beachside colony on Long Island frequented by New York's wealthy.

Nothing like being a multi-billionaire to make women go weak at the knees.


(Jealous - of course not).

(Bastard. Bastard!!! BASTARD!)
She got $1.1 billlion in the divorce settlement; for that much I'd have married Bernie Ecclestone
At his age, he's already on borrowed time. All she has to do is put up with flossing grey pubes out of her teeth for the next 12 months or so and she'll inherit the lot ......

...... at which point she'll promptly marry a Calvin Klein underpant model in his early 20s.

The circle of life turns once more.


If I was a single 82 year old billionaire I would marry/buy a slope yoga teacher as well just to watch her fisting herself.
I think that was his plan. Looks like she's a half caste though.

I'd smash her till the cops came and tasered me. Anyone who wouldn't enjoys sailors penetrating their anus.

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