What army unit/regiment/formation contains just under 2840 people

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Office_Linebacker, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. Serious question which I'm sure will provide some comical responses. I'm writing a report which contains a figure of 2840 people. I'd like to compare this amount of people to an army formation. Anyone got any suggestions? It needs to be slightly less that 2840 so I can say "that's more than the amount of soliders in xxxx"


  2. The REMF Regiment
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  3. The 15th Eastern Mountains Pakistani mess tin repair unit.
  4. Nah mucker, they got disbanded under SDSR, I have heard however that the 14th Northern are still on the go.
  5. That wont last, i here the 14th are still swamped with repairs from BATUS 1988.
  6. Shit, I heard that they were still dealing with Lionheart kit!!!
  7. That would be the SAS nearly everyone has served but cant talk about it
  8. Why not compare it to a Bde, that's approx the same u thick twat
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  9. More men than a bunch of cunts but not as many as a barrel of twats!
  10. The picture to the right of that link, under the heading "Chain of Command of the British Army" didn't look much to me like any British Army unit I'd ever seen. On clicking on the picture itself shows itself to be a Latvian platoon at Camp Lejune!! :lol:
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  11. Hmm, well, that shows the wonderful accuracy and total and absolute relevance of wikipedia!