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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by West_Mids_Chippy, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. Good on the builder. I felt like doing exactly the same thing when I got burnt by two arrseholes who didn't pay me for a house I bricked.
  2. West_Mids_Chippy.

    Nice user name... and connected with this non story.

    What's the real beef?
  3. There was a similar incident not long ago. Similar re a demolition after non payment, but there appears to be other factors here. In the case I’m thinking of, a builder was not paid for a front door porch he built, so he took it down. There was a Court ruling on the circumstances, and the ruling was the builder was entitled to reclaim his materials :omg:

  4. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    So let me get this straight. There is some sort of law that says one must pay fat fag smoking ex criminals who drive horrible white vans with ENGERLAND flags all over them? What? For building a ******* wall?

    It keeps them out of shoplifting. They should pay us. Country is going to the dogs.
  5. Will wait to see who's telling the truth....
    Says the owner made regular payments, but after a long time was unhappy with the work so last 5k was withheld....
    Nothing to show that the builder here then re-looked at the job - but there's a lot missing from the story....

    Sounds like dodgy builder so far.....but will hangfire till we see what comes of it.
  6. Umm... Partial payment for a partially completed extension seems about right to me.

    I know I didn't fully pay for mine until it was complete and had been signed off by.. Umm... Whatever you call the builder's mafia who sign off work as up to par.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, if he's knocked the ******* thing down she's entitled to a refund. Cocky cowboy can have his bricks and mortar of course.

    As noted above: She'd paid for the work he'd done to that date, it was hers. The job was not completed, so numb-nuts didn't get the balance until it was.

    I'd go with the police on this. He's guilty of criminal damage to goods she'd paid for (uncomplete, incompletely paid for), as well as the further structural damage to her house, which was not his to touch. None of his actions was backed up by a court.
  8. .Too fcuking right, if you do not want us theiving ya houses then you SHOULD pay us builders to build ya a fcuking wall, innit!

    No beef, just wanted to see some of the reactions.

    And no, this bloke(s) is/are no cowboy(s) builder(s), quite a bloody good one(s, FFS) (in building).

    Plenty cheap man innit, plent cheap...no you bloody bastad i want more for free. TITS FCUKING UP.

    Any of you ever have the spare time...perhaps it would be best (for whatever reason) should take a drive down perry barr in Birmingham between 7-7 (the normal/civvy? uk working times) . Take a look around, 'tis the future of the UK in 200 years, just not with the flying cars.

    dooh fcking dar, get me a pint :)
  9. Trust No One, but yourself!
  10. The home owner should have got a proper contract in place to start off with. Holding a retention payment is a pretty common clause in construction contracts so if the work is defective the cost of rectification is deducted from the retention. It's an incentive to make sure the contractors do the job right the first time and protection for the client if the work is sh1t and they want to employ another contractor they have the money to do so.
  11. Hopefully they´ll do the builder for blackmail,as in ´pay-up or we´ll knock your house down!`It´s not as if no money was paid and both sides should have had a written quote of the costs.

    There´s too many arrseholes ripping off punters with shoddy work,I slept in a room that my mother had paid a small fortune for double glased windows and wondered why It was draughty;The scum bag had papered over the walls without cementing and sealing around the windows!!
  12. Correct the company I work for keeps 5% retention from every job our contractors carry out generally held for 2 years before being paid out which is the warranty period under NRSWA for re-instatment works
  13. Or maybe even 'Demanding money with mences' :threaten: :roll: