What are your plans for retention?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Irish_Cream, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. At my unit, we are now looking to the future and have got our thinking hats how to keep people interested and in contact, with the hope that after this 6 month holiday that they will all return, keen as mustard.

    We've had some ideas such

    - 2 wednesdays a month of something fun, quizzes and the like
    - or perhaps 1 saturday a month sports day for example and
    - even looking far into the future to organising something BIG for everyone to look forward to, perhaps adventure training and the like.

    So i ask you all, what is your unit going to do to keep you interested?
  2. Along the same lines.

    Probably going to meet every tuesday night to do sport or PT.
    Possibility of some adventure training at some point. Other than that, there is not much else we can do other than the obvious of keeping communication open and frequent.

    However, still not expecting to see as many faces come April.
    Theres a lot of "If I can't get on a tour or FTRS, then I'm going regular"
  3. Good idea. Sports, quizzes, karaoke, social events, visits, etc, etc.

    Why not push it up through the COC and other local units and set up a Brigade/Corps/Regt challenge? Might help with the contacts and getting attending numbers up.
  4. An interesting and involving military training plan in order to minimise skill fade and remind them why they joined in the first place.

    Combine this with AT on the occassional weekend. Perhaps get a team training together to do toughguy in the New Year to keep the fitness up.

    They can get curry and beer anywhere. (admittedly not so cheap!)
  5. Do a half marathon early next year. That gives you a couple of months to build up. Better still - do it for H4H.

    There a four of five half marathons every weekend. Online entry. easy

    Runners world events search
  6. Thanks for the link, a grand idea.
  7. I've suggested doing one of the http://www.sustrans.org.uk/ routes for H4H.

    One, near complete, route covers all of our 3 TAC's - off road (and ends very near RTMC). Had a couple express interest, not intending everyone does the entire 80+mile route during the weekend more of a relay event. Does the Army have bikes to borrow????
  8. msr

    msr LE

  9. We're following a combined military and non-military training package, all at C1 with the now standard exclusion of T&S. The basic programme allows SUTs to be taught their continuation training at both our Sqn locations whilst respective Phase 2+ plus troops do a combination of military skills and other activities. This training takes place twice a month and is always immediately prior to a recruit weekend at a RTC. This not only allows cohesion of the Sqn, but also permits the Comd team to conduct planning and MS.

    Training activities include Command Tasks, a NAVEX, rock climbing, DCCT and .22 range work, a a specialist weapons demo and unarmed combat lessons. On top of this, we have one weekend per month scheduled for other bonding activities, helpfully one falls on Remembrance weekend and will include time for outstanding MATTs, our December weekend includes our Sqn Winter Ball and more MATTs, then a battlefield tour in Jan, AT in Feb and currently being planned, a "how far can you go in 72 hours in a car less costing less than £250" weekend... I'm using a fair portion of our Sqn GPF to facilitate these weekends and minimise the cost where possible to the troops, figure what's the point of having money if you have no troops...

    My intent is to have lost less than 5% of the real Sqn (not actual Orbat) by start of the new training year.
  10. msr

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    .22 range work. Tell us more.

  11. Well you find me some live or for that matter blank 5.56! Make do with what we have, is the only option for now. Honestly msr...
  12. msr

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    OK, let me make it simple:

    1) Which rifles are you using?

    2) Where are you getting the ammunition from?

    3) which range are you using?

    4) What are you doing about safety?

    5) Sqn GPF or Sqn funds?

  14. msr

    msr LE

    As long as the lads have voted the money out ;)