What Are Your Choices of Corps/Regiment??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Smiler_1985, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Having been told I cant join RE this year I'm spending a wekend considering the other job options in army..........Just wondered what everyone else has put down for their 3 choices and why. Even ppl already in are welcome to contribute. Thought it might be an interesting thread
  2. Smiler,

    I would list what you are looking at doing instead of RE first, i would be interested to see what your other choices are if you arent going RE.

    RE is still recruiting, it's just that there are next to no vacancies left whatsoever, that isnt to say you cannot continue our application for RE, i certainly wouldnt advise you not to go for RE as vacancies do get thrown up from time to time ;)

    If you are set on RE then stick with it and get through ADSC first, at least that way you will have completed a TST and your PSSR physical tests cover pretty much every job on the list (that way if it looks like there is no jobs at all, you can get the choice changed easily ;) ).

    Just my tuppence, but i suppose it depends on what RE trade you wanted and what your other options are ;)
  3. Hehe five. You always speak words of wisdom buddy. Wanted to go for RE-Electrician as 1st Choice. With R.A.C. Crewman and maybe Inf 3rd (eventually try for pioneer after a while). The WO2 at the careers said all the jobs were gone. But did point out I could put RE down anyway so might do that
  4. I put down RAC Crewman with intentions on 2RTR, Royal Artillery, AAC
  5. A man who like his hands on 'Big Guns' eh? ;)
  6. yeah pretty much lol, it was that or the infantry and the missus won't let me go infantry :)
  7. TrueYou have a point there buddy.
  8. My choices were Int Corps, Armourer and RMP in that order. I also researched VM and effectively had four job choices for the interviews prior to selection.

    Having family members and their friends who have been through military intelligence training having a great deal of difficulty gaining civilian employment in their chosen field, I decided to change my first choice and go for VM.
  9. Have you done your Barb test yet???

    That will determine what you can go for!!

    Having served and still serving after 20 years i can inform you that electricians and fitters are in short suppy in our Corp! However you need to have scored very well on your Barb to be offered this!

    RE and all cap badges are always recruiting, so the fact you may have to wait until early next year should not put you off, it simply means that the intakes are fully loaded this year, stick to what you want to do! Next year will come soon enough, dont make the mistake of going for something that is 2nd best in your mind or you could spend may a year regretting it. Get a temp job and save some money up, it will come in handy later!
  10. Exeter is alas short on jobs full stop but im gonna put RE 1st choice anyway. Aint done my BARB yet but when i last did it couple of years back i got 98 so with a lil bit of practice I doubt BARB will pose me any probs. R.A.C. was always an interest for me as a kid so Im not too worried. Has to be said...the world would be a scary place without ARRSE hehe
  11. ok i will give you some more words of wisdom ;)

    If you are going RE Electrician, are you pulled by the attraction of a trade, or the attraction of being a Combat Engineer (which is common to all RE jobs)?

    If you are pulled by the trade side of life why are you looking at Tanks and Infantry as other alternatives, what attracts you to them jobs? more importantly what are your other trade based alternatives?

    Also (and i speak from experience here), Assault Pioneer is a viable option if you want a Combat orientated job that gives you the chance to blow shit up, but there is no guarantee that you are going to get that chance to follow that route much the same as half of the Infantry applicants want to be a Sniper when they join but the nearest they will get to being one is when they are looking through someone else's scope, in the Infantry they will look at their manning requirements within the Rifle Company first and foremost as that is their bread and butter, the support company manning is second priority for most Regiments.

    Tanks? well that is an acquired taste, personnally razzing around with a 1200hp engine gets me going, but it isnt all Top Gear and living for 24 hours a day in one of them beasties isnt for everyone, in fairness there probably isnt a safer place on the battlefield though that is if you are actually sat inside a challenger 2 and not driving something with wheels which can often be the case now. But don't be fooled into thinking that once dismounted you are going to be seeing Strike Ops action, that is the job of the Infantry, so realistically you are going to go through the driver seat, become a gunner and then loader and ultimately a tank commander (again a good number if you are looking for a career).

    How long are you looking to serve, be realistic? if you are going to be a career soldier and you have some drive, then Infantry and Tanks are as valid as any of the trade routes, but if you are not looking beyond 5-10 years then ask yourself what can i get from the Army that is going to be of an immediate use as a civilian ;)

    Some people (especially those that are serving at present) can get quite touchy about the sort of advice i give out like this, Infantry guys can see it as a knock against them, technical badged guys see it as a knock to their expertise, you name it, everyone has an opinion on it.

    I am really blunt with my applicants, i don't care what they join, the chance of me serving alongside them in the future is slim to none, what i do like to think is that i have advised them based on what their interests are, and where they see their future leading them, the Army has an awful lot to offer but to get a lot of it you need to be in the right places.

    At the end of the day (apart from kids going to bed, women getting their tits out and it inevitably getting dark :D ) you need to make a choice that you can live with and that you are going to be happy with, that way you are focussed 100% on finishing Phase 1 and getting into Phase 2 :)
  12. I like your approach. My old man was a sparky and stuff like that was an interest as a kid tho the combat engineering bits are always the main draw. Im planning to make army a career in the long term. And yeah......the attaction of the R.A.C. is indeed the same as yours. Driving round exeter would be easier with a few tonnes of tank. People might actually start using their Indicators. I think Id considered the Inf as a fallback option which probably aint the best way to do things.
  13. We ask for 3 job choices in case you get to ADSC and fail for your first choice, but you don't need them, my honest opinion would be to take RE as your first choice and Tanks as your second.

    Get to ADSC and get that out of the way and see what the vacancy situation is like, i couldnt give you a guarantee that vacancies will appear out of nowhere but it does happen :)

    Never settle for second best when you are considering a career choice, always go for the top and work your way back down as far as the Army is concerned (in terms of applying obviously) :)
  14. Whilst all REs will complete Combat Engineer B3 training, if you choose the wrong stream, ie driver, planty, and some trades etc you will most likey never touch Combat Engineering again in your career. I have pointed this out due to the fact that a few chaps in the past have become very frustrated that they could not follow the CE path.
  15. What trades involve the most use of combat engineering? I'm also applying for sparky and my second choice is building and structural finisher. After phase 2 I'm hoping to go onto do the AACC course, so if I'll have to wait until next year I'll just use the time to increase my fitness levels. I'm also very interested in becoming a diver later on in my career. I can't seem to find the info on the net... Does 24 engineer regiment have a dive team?