What are your "Banned Books" ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chimurenga, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Whilst re-assembling my personal library after a move, I discovered that I own two books by none other than The Baron Castleshortt.

    So, here is my question - what are your "banned books", i.e. books that you purchased, read, placed on your shelf, then later came around to throwing away because of personal issues with them and not just to make room.

    Mine are -

    - "The Special Air Service" & "British Special Forces; 1945 to the Present" by James G. Shortt. Their author notwithstanding, the books are not very informative and seem to be a little slapdash in the way they were put together, even for an Osprey colouring book.

    - "Jarhead" by Anthony Swofford. A sh*tty book that became a sh*tty movie. Swoff didn't want to grow up and hated the Marine Corps because it forced him to. He gets his revenge by rehashing ages-old anecdotes and urban legends as his own experiences and proceeds to make a ton of money doing so.

    - "On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society" by Dave Grossman. A pseudo-scientific book based on a long discredited theory by SLA Marshall. Full of questionable methodology and tendencies to ignore examples that disagree with his "facts".

    Yours ?
  2. Having just read On killing, I would be interested in hearing your take on "tendencies to ignore...". Granted his methodology was horrific. Though I found the ' WHy can'y Johnny kill" part fascinating.

    BTW, my most recent "banned book" by your definition is "Freakonomics" By Steven J Levitt. The whole section on Crime ( crime is down since abortion became legal due to genetically/sociologically inferior humans being killed before birth) was a load of tripe, in my estimation.
    Also, You're a sh ithead
  3. 'Jihad' by a fella called Tom Carew who apparently was a walt. Soon got rid of it.
  4. Anything featuring a pink cover and a cartoony bird in slingbacks.

    Guaranteed to be some shiiiite like "I am a bird and I've been dumped - aren't all men barstewards?"

    My OH has got hundreds.

    I wonder why?
  5. Anything featuring Janet and John.
  6. Anything written by Scott Taylor, Michael Ignatieff or Pierre Burton.
  7. Don't forget John Raulston Saul, 9er. the worst of a bad bunch
  8. The Al-Qaeda Big Book of Flying Lessons

    Didn't even tell you how to land.
  9. I had a load of martial art books by Ashida Kim as a kid, when I got the internet I found out what a walting cnut he was, cant watch the film bloodsport anymore for same reasons, Frank Dux is a HUGE walt, the martial arts equilavent of Baron castleshorrt
  10. Lions, Dinosaurs and Donkeys by Lewis Page.

    Fcuk me, what a load of dribble by a fcukwit who has no concept of operations outside of minesweepers :roll:
  11. Animal Farm - like looking at this gobmint, far too close to the truth.

    Fist of God written by Fred Forsythe in 1994 and details the exact reasons why the allied coallition didn't invade Iraq in '91. It just makes me so mad that it was generally known what would happen but Good 'Ol George W had to sacrifice a few thousand allied lives and go and do it anyway.
  12. Was that the one all based around the Supergun? I enjoyed that.....
  13. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Nemesis File by 'SAS Hero' Paul Bruce.

    Even as a 14-15 year old, I was thinking 'this is bu11shit'. And 'lo and behold, it was.
  14. Yes, stonking book.

    The main character turns up again in the Afghan which gives an interesting potted history of how the Taliban came to power and kicked the Ruskies out.

  15. Yes, I forgot about that one. I ended up throwing that one away as well.

    Another is "War Dogs" by Keith Cory-Jones, though I only got about 40 pages into that one before it was conveniently left behind in a coffeehouse.