What are you wearing right now?

Stockings (fishnet if you prefer), black g-string, peephole bra and a smile. Typical weekend attire.


EX_STAB said:
Green moleskin trousers, Blue t-shirt, walking boots.

why are you wearing your walking boots to type?
Prodigal said:
canoeing top and chav trackie bottoms - and a bit of wine down the front.. oh, and a rather pretty bra bought because I felt like it on Friday - does that help?!

You forgot to mention your pants came from Bewise and have the word "monday" on em :) (and have a massive wheelspin in the back)


Book Reviewer
Moodybitch said:
An airborne t-shirt and some y-fronts (pis sed ones)

I demand photographic proof :)

However (genuinely) a pair of Stanley Matthews-esque shorts and a baggy t-shirt. Sunday sloppys.
A hint of 4 Voleurs and a fresh coat of varnish..........


War Hero
knee high boots... er... woops... i mean green cargo/combat trousers, and a white top with a monkey shaped camo thing stuck to it and saying 'drunken monkey'.... and black socks
I'm wearing standard RN issue arrseless chaps and pink nailvarnish. And nipple tassles.
Lipstick and earrings.

Well it is Sunday.


An awesome ensemble of this years DPCU accentuated by a pair of near matching combat boots. Additional accesories of one of two types of hat. Decisions, decisions.
CS95, complete with 'shiny arrse' green beret.

(over my suspenders and french underwear. And 49 Para socks).


Blood - on my John Thomas, from the missus as she is on the rag!

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