What are you reading right now?

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Trillian, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. I am reading a book called 'Lost Soul's' by Poppy Z Brite. Amazon describes Poppy Z Brite's books as 'Vampiric Erotica', but I dissagree, I think they're 'Vampiric' but not 'erotica'. It is a really good book, I have already read it before, it's about a teenager who searches for his roots, but there are loads of gruesome bits on the way!

    What are you reading?
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  2. im reading one of the patrick o'brian book blood briliant
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  3. This shite post
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  4. The Arrse web site
  5. The reader wives letters page
  6. I’m reading the latest copy of “arrse fetish”, I’m feeling rather quite disturbed about the pull out.
    There’s a picture of a girl called Sarah, who looks a lot like a 14 year old tranny, and she is trying to insert a 9" jelly dildo up her boyfriends, Alan, arrse. Poor chap looks very unhappy but Sarah seams to be having the time of her life.

    What a strange girl.
  7. I've been reading that too. Sarah is a little bit odd, far too odd... Maybe it's because she was buggered by her father and his plastic injection thingy.
  8. At least her dad can design her a new plastic tool to replace the jelly one when it is worn out !!!!!
  9. 307

    307 War Hero

    Op Certain Death great book and got a good trick that had me pissing myself with laughter to do with US MREs!
  10. Wow, sounds absolutely smashing! Loads of gruesome bits on the way, bet you can't wait.

    Personally, you sound boring, back to Arrse
  11. I doubt if the title is spelt the way you spell it (possesive apostrophe) - you dumb troll
  12. i am reading Inside the British Army by anthony beevor

    The anatomy of an institution and a study of a tribal society unique to Britain. From Rhine Army headquarters in Germany to underground bunkers in South Armagh, the author talks with the Army's Generals, officers, NCOs and soldiers. The book includes recent developments and events in the Gulf. this was published in 1991 but is a excellant book to read

    really intresting book
  13. Just finished - Hell Riders, The Truth about the Charge of the Light Brigade by Terry Brighton.

    Back Cover...

    One bullet struck me on the forehead, another passed through the top of my shoulder. While struggling out from under my dead horse a Cossack standing over me stabbed me with his lance once in the neck near the jugular, again above the collar bone, several times in the back, and once under the short rib; and when, having regained my feet, I was trying to draw my sword, he sent his lance through the palm of my hand. I believe he would have succeeded in killing me, clumsy as he was, if I had not blinded him for the moment with a handful of sand.

    Private James Wightman, 17 Lancers.

    They made them tough in those days!

    A great read!!
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  14. I'm reading a book by David Saks called The Alphabet, funnily enough it is about the history of the alphabet ... Yes, Yes I know I am a sad pamphlet head! :roll:
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  15. 307 - I've just finished that bit in "Operation Certain Death" about the CB-MRE-B (Mk 1 & 2) and pissed myself laughing as well :D