What are you playing now

Thought it might be an idea to have a game thread, if its good say so, if its not likewise, so my starter for 10 is:

PGR4 on XBox, never had so much fun with my clothes on (must lead a dull life!)

What are you playing.
The Pink flute - By myself!
Pocket snooker. It's like pocket billiards but you can play it with an entire football team.
Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl. Takes a bit of getting into, but works out quite addictive after a bit.
Battlefield Bad Company on the Xbox. Once you get going it's better than your first impression.
BG:2142 mainly
but just got BF2

just wish i could find some decent BF2 servers
as i'm getting moidered out there :cry:
Desperately awaitng Killzone 2, but appears to have been put back again to February 09 now. Hopefully Resistance 2 will be out soon to fill the gap.
Guitar Hero 3 on the 360, been pissing the wife of with that one, i never knew my fingers could be so nimble :) or how much i'd get to like thrash metal. almost completed it on hard now but im stuck on the slipknot track

On the PC front thou

COD 4.....still keep coming back for a few rounds of kick ur arrse with a P90, although nothing cheeses people off more than knifing em when your in Last Stand :wink:

Oblivion, keeps my happy for hours, i just wonder round looking at the scenery and doing the odd bit of sticking 3ft of steel in some unfortunate bugger who sometimes walks past.

Stalker, played this for god knows how many hours, and i bloody hate going down into dark basements with monsters 8O

Lastly, TRACKMANIA NATIONS FOREVER, i've been playing the trackmania series of games since the original 'Trackmania Powerup' game, i describe this to friends as scalextric's on steriods, its free download from


basically a driving game for nutters, should fit in here.

and im using the SPore Creature creator, its just weird but spore should be an excellent game when released later this year.

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