What are you on? / Back in the Day and annoying army phrases !

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hermes_R12, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. Back in the day everybody was using ' What are you on ?' when bumping into mates in the cook house, NAAFI, or down town etc. to ask what job they have or what they were doing. At the time it was that frequent it started to annoy people but was in constant use and then used as banter to wind people up. Is this still used today?

    It got me thinkingWhat other annoying phases irritate(d you when you were serving.

    I have started off with 'back in the day' thats pissing me off now every bodies started using that.....
  2. Above posted at 1605H GMT.

    In your own time then, ..................................
  3. What are you on, still used today.
  4. the most annoying phrases i ever had to listen to was the term ******* mong, if the instructor had said that to me in civvy i would have taken the bastard apart with my bare hands!
  5. "Stacker1 you lazy twat, do some work"
    "Stacker1 why has your ebay account got half the QMs stock on it"
    "Stacker1 I am arresting you on suspicion of sexual assault"

    Well, it ******* annoys me when Im constantly hearing them.
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  6. "Start sparking". Wouldn't they rather we did some work?
  7. Gosh, what are the cadets coming to?
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  8. Why didn't you do it anyway?
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  9. you forgot the 'stacker1 your a complete fuckwit' :)
  10. No you wouldn't have.

    The truth hurts doesn't it?
  11. Beat me to it!

    "Switch on and start sparking" was very popular in the 80's.
  12. "Can't means won't. Won't means gaol!"


    Edited once for mongy spelling.
  13. Yes I remember that (although the word was jail for us). normally as I was on my hands and knees struggling up the hills of Pirbright for 10th time.
  14. You trained in the US then?
  15. Ive never heard it called gaol before (Ive read it) we have always said can't mean won't and won't mean jail, when I say we I mean the instructor who stood at the top of the hill with his hand on his hips waiting for me to stagger past.