What are you listening to?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Lance_Bombardier, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. go on and confess your musical sins here.
  2. BFBS Radio 1.
  3. Currently 1272 songs on the laptop, a rather eclectic mix of Funky house, hard rock, prog rock, pop, a small dash of R and B, a sprinkling of old school Jazz, a few folk songs, some Irish "diddly diddly" music, and a touch of old school House, Garage and Jungle.

    Tossed together with a few leaves of Drum and Bass, only for the treadmill, mind.
  4. Mozart violin concerto no 3 k216 3rd movement, and then The Clash
  5. Ring Leader of the Tormentors, Morrissey
  6. Now now, Chris Moyles is leagues above his successor in the schedule, Jo Whiley
  7. Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer by Linkin Park & Jay-Z.

    Actually I've got the Collision Course album on. Outstanding.

    Belay my last. It's now Costello Music by The Fratellis. Henrietta to be precise.
  8. linkin park rule so dont get sucked in by any remix versions
  9. guns n roses in the car on way to work then kevin bloody wilson on the ipod in work to distract me from work
  10. I like his sense of humour, in having a collegue called 'Comedy' Dave, who isn't funny.

    Latest thing listening to is 'Levellers', by The Levellers.
  11. The new Smashing Pumpkins album!
  12. They were good, but then they went Emo. Hybrid Theory was a stunning album, but I honestly think Reanimation (the remix version) was better. Collision Course is possibly the finest mash-up album ever.

    Lemon, thank you. I'm now gonna break out my GnR and then crack on with 20 Years Of Kev this afterlunch.
  13. My boss being a complete cnut
  14. totaly disagree,their latest album is exellent, so is numb, emo music is some of the best around.