What Are You Listening To?

Morrisey is an 'interesting' character, but I love The Smiths - this made me feel very weary and almost as if 16 years ago was a completely different lifetime.

This is lovely.
And while I am in musical mood, this bloke is pretty damned wonderful also .....

Always liked JJ Cale; 'cool', 'laid-back' the usual descriptions, although probably as a result of his prodigious intake of suspicious substances. Can be a bit elevator-muzak if you aren't listening to the words.
If I may lower the tone of this thread somewhat I am listening to this...

I used to have it on cassette tape but they are long gone so I treated myself and got the complete radio series on CD. Bliss.
The Gin Blossoms were a big part of my music tastes for as long as I can remember. So I was delighted to find this in my YouTube suggestions.