What are you listening to


Ok, not sure if this thread will be a goer, I hope I haven't duplicated a similar one, I did a search and couldn't find anything.

So what are you listening to either on your hifi, iPod* or via the Internet?

At the moment I have got Plan B's The Defamation of Strickland Banks on and have just finished listening to Ellie Gouldings new track - Lights.

* other mp3 players are available too


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Right now?

The Jezabels, Placebo, Belle & Sebastion and a bit of old Ska.

But then again it changes daily!



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Just bought Imelda May's Mayhem.

That's getting a bit of a caning at the moment.
Right now,Shake ,Rattle and Roll, by Rockin' Dopsie,off a CD ,Zydeco Party.Followed by Gimme All your Lovin' by Lone Star.An eclectic mix. (iPod shuffle)
The clock on my office wall, it's Friday, just gone 1605 and it is ticking feckin slowly.


The top songs on my ipod at the moment are:

A Little Piece - The Jezabels
Someone like you - Adele( Caught onto it later than everyone else, rapidly reaching overplay)
Forever-Chris Brown
Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine
Glasoli - Sigur Ros
The Evil that men do-Iron Maiden
Fear of the dark- Iron Maiden
Air = Moon Safari. pretty good for chillin


Classic FM.

Using it on headphones whenever I go out to shut out the everyday world a bit. Wandering around in my own little bubble, just like a teenager...


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'Just a Minute' on Radio 4.

Great show, apart from Gyles Brandreth!
'Just a Minute' on Radio 4.

Great show, apart from Gyles Brandreth!

Disagree. Giles Brendreth is a "one off", a great man (very nice) and very funny.

As for me I'm listening to the dish washer, waiting for the 'ping, ping ping' so I can get out properly cleansed.


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OK, I confess, I did listen to Planet Rock all afternoon too, but don't mock Radio 4 'til you've tried it. And katy, you're so right about 4 Extra. I really enjoyed 'Round the Horne' earlier today.
Ahh, good old Chrissie! One of the high points of the 80's, watching her simulate sex with a microphone while dressed as a schoolgirl.

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