What are you going to do with your Bounty?

Took the kids to Paris with mine. And bought a new CD player.
Same here :( Plus got my MOT on 21st and tax on 30th! To put it politly im f****d if it hasn't arrived by then :(


Car insurance, new tft for this computer and hopefully a bit left over to buy shiny things... and beer.
Mines gone!!

Bloody wife managed to spend the majority of it already.....

Bah...My plans foiled again for another year.....
Mr Visa, Mr Mastercard, Something about a holiday & MP3 player thats nice & shiney
Mine has finally arrived thank feck! Has caused me no end of problems being late not helped by my normal pay being messed up!! ARRSE contribution will follow once I have got a few other things (e.g credit card :( ) done! otherwise to quote the big yellow man - WOOHOO :)
Mine will be put in the Wedding and Baby fund. I hate this "being an adult" nonsence.

I just want to spend it all on porn & beer :D
i got a sat nav and an electric razor and i am going to spend some on the large amounts of beer i need to drink the rest is going to sit in my bank account erning me me intrest

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