What are you going to do with your Bounty?

Took the kids to Paris with mine. And bought a new CD player.
Same here :( Plus got my MOT on 21st and tax on 30th! To put it politly im f****d if it hasn't arrived by then :(
Mines gone!!

Bloody wife managed to spend the majority of it already.....

Bah...My plans foiled again for another year.....
Mr Visa, Mr Mastercard, Something about a holiday & MP3 player thats nice & shiney
Mine has finally arrived thank feck! Has caused me no end of problems being late not helped by my normal pay being messed up!! ARRSE contribution will follow once I have got a few other things (e.g credit card :( ) done! otherwise to quote the big yellow man - WOOHOO :)
Mine will be put in the Wedding and Baby fund. I hate this "being an adult" nonsence.

I just want to spend it all on porn & beer :D
i got a sat nav and an electric razor and i am going to spend some on the large amounts of beer i need to drink the rest is going to sit in my bank account erning me me intrest

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