What Are You Going To Do With Your Bank?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Markintime, Oct 13, 2008.

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  1. It appears that I have now become the proud owner of several banks this morning so I thought, "What should I do with them?".
    I'm going to find out which bank holds Zanu NLs funds and loans, if I own them fine, I'll foreclose and make them bankrupt. If it's another bank then I'll offer them £1.01 in the pound for their loan book and then foreclose on Liarbour and make them bankrupt. After all they are already morally bankrupt.
  2. Well technically you own 1/31,900,000th of a bank.

    Wonder if we can get all the others to join in?
  3. I bet you were a wow at platoon smokers ;)
  4. Whatever you are planning, do it quick, as I plan to rob the lot of them.

    Should yield enough cash to buy a 1981 Ford Fiesta with a shitty vinyl roof and crap foglights.................
  5. And where are you going to find the cash to fuel it then?
  6. When I could get the anorak off and the spotters glasses cleaned I had a great time :)
  7. I think that I will bury all the ill gotten gains, my Marbles, false teeth, dirty underwear and cheesy socks in a tin box at the bottom of the garden. Can't allow those Cn-unts in Neues Liebore get their sticky paws on them..... my dirty underwear that is.... thats all I've got in the World....