What are you going to do today?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. I thought I'd wake up in about 7 hours to a cup of tea, some Bimbo Bread (specially bought for me) and some home made jam.

    It might only be about 90 degrees then, hence I can scoff.

    I shall then proceed to have a shower, mebbe a little pooh, and put my Daisys on. Moving further on into my journey, I shall watch about 20 blokes firing guns and shit (and hopefully getting a little bit nekked) whilst I take professional photos that are for my own personal use.

    Is anyone going to have a better day than me? Less for JJH, Mongo and Chim.

    Apparently I get to do some shooting stuff with belt fed stuff. Rock and roll!

    Oh, I'm sorry. Was I bragging?
  2. Next stop Gitmo.

    Have a nice day.
  3. That would be funny if you weren't a dick and knew what you were talking about.

    Stop jumping on the bandwagon.
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  4. This, but gonna be MUCHO faster since the trails have at last dried out https://vimeo.com/44919101

    gooooooood bit of music to it after a few secs from the start, lad who put it together has dyslexia so few spelling mistooks.

  5. Brag away, dosen't get much better than that. 8)
  6. Can't beat that here! Maybe the jam bit, but after that, no! Not much point in saying this but ya'll have a good day!
  7. Them gun thingies are instruments of the devil, and should be banned, you lucky lucky sod. :)
  8. I am definitely going one better.
    I got my FAL at long last yesterday and I will be firing today myself,
    not shoot with a fcuking camera, but a proper gun!
  9. Errrr....think about doing some work?......are they gonna be pointing their bang-sticks at you?........:)
  10. Fixed that for you. And yes, you were.

    You've got your JJH thread, keep all the boring updates in there will you.

    The way your dripping like a leaking quim, one would think that:

    a - you've never been abroad before

    b - you've never been on a range before (though you're AGC so that's entirely plausible)
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  11. Would that be the bandwagon you started?
  12. Will she be firing rifles or will the recoil break her in half?
  13. I'm going to sit here in my shitty office for 8 hours trying to give a fuck while it's nice and sunny outside, then go home.
  14. Today I am 3 sleeps from a month off.
    I am in Baghdad, its sunny, I will roll out of my pit, crack some crossfit, eat a light lunch of noodles and tuna.
    I shall then retire to the roof where I will bronze my carcass, for about an hour.
    I shall drink lots of cold drinks and spend more than a few minutes admiring my toned tanned physique in the mirrir we have in the open air gym on the roof of our villa.
    I shall also possibly masturbate.....more than once.....
    and then gladly accept my pay at the end of the month, feeling completely satisfied that I have earned every penny.
  15. Then of course i'd not have been so stupid as to only book for a week when going on a long haul flight. i'll start a thread about my holiday to Oban in September....