What are you fighting for?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JokerR, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. This is for everyone joining up, why is it that i you want to join the army?
    What are you fighting for?

    The country's gone to crap, so most people who say there fighting for there country are talking out there arrse,

    I like to think that i'll be fighting for all the people that have a right to live in this country, and for the people that died for this country when it was worth dying for, maybe even fighting to make this country better for the future generations, so they dont have to put up with the crap that we do.

    whats your opinion ?
  2. I'm in the process of re-enlisting because I miss playing flaming arses and freckles.

    Oh and for the Queen and all that.
  3. Well im not actually serving yet but the reason i am joining and going to be fighting is so that I can help defend the british people from a minority of stupid dudes with bombs that for no reason at all, want to kill innocent and defenceless people, so i think that by joining the army i will be helping in ending their sad, genocidal lives and aid in just ending terrorism fullstop.

    A pretty good speech for a 15 year old if i do say so myself.
  4. Good Career
    Family Tradition
    For My Father (Personal Reasons)
    To Prove People Wrong
    To Make Something Of My Life
    To Have The Best Job In The World
  5. For most soldiers the desire to walk in the valley of the shadow is not due to bloodlust or suicidal tendancy. But the desire to practice thosr skills he has spent years learning and refining and to test their individual mettel
  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahaahaa!!

    (See the post above yours for the opinion you'll hold in five years time).
  7. 'Cor Blimey I almost forgot 3 other key points im fighting for

    in the brave wise words of Dinger

    "My God, My Country, My Harley Davidson, Not necessarily in that order"
  8. :?

    I will hopefully one day be fighting for mostly my own personal reasons. Travel, a career, comradery, an experience (lets face it, the military has to be one of the most 'intense' jobs in the world), aswell as slightly feeling that I owe it to those who have fought and fallen before me. I also kind of look at a fighting spirit as a british quality that should be upheld.

    Oh, and another reason that I heard on the forums that made me laugh, because "running around the desert with SA80's sounds like fun"
  9. Liam

    I take it you havent seen the Andy McNab Film

    Bravo Two Zero

    its a quote from that :D
  10. Well I couldnt see myslef fighting for any other reason, but you obviously no more than me so ill take your word for it :D but the big haaaahhaaaa wasnt really needed because thats the genuine reason why im joining the army and laughing at someone that wants to help people isnt nice now is it :?: , well im joining for that and a cool, unique lifestyle and not forgetting lifelong mates !!
  11. Andy McNab film? Christ - if your 'key skills' don't even extend to reading Bravo Two Zero then we really are fcuked...
  12. That's the badger. Good luck to you.
  13. Badger, sorry not into all this ARRSE lingo yet please explain.
  14. The bit that I highlighted was the correct way to look at things. Check your PMs.

  15. Sorry, but i dont remeber that being in the book :roll:

    only the film

    for your information, I love reading

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