What are you doing on a Friday Afternoon?!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by poo_finger, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. I'm currently sat in my pants and skid lid, in the same position I woke up in this morning... shiters, still no wiser as to how the hell I got here. I have a can of Carling. And i'm still wondering if Jade Goody is f*cking dead yet... the bluffing cow!

    Another can please Mr Fridge
  2. Reading Bone Posts!!!
  3. Just finished watching sharpes siege on youtube, gonna go for a cycle in a bit.

    If she who must not be named carks it you'll be able to tell by a deafening nasal wail and fervent rustling of hello magazines ...
  4. Looking forward to going down to Longmoor tonight, have a few beers and then up for a day on the ranges tomorrow
  5. Well had my battalion not forgotten to put me on a flight, I'd be down the said Whore house tonight, shiters and having probably yet another really, really expensive sleep!

    More still!...
  6. supposed to be working, but surfing arrse!
  7. Try not to make too much noise, I live near there and I might not be able to here the commentary for the Rugby. Oh dear you'll miss it and won't be able to get slaughtered like me, ( and the sweaty socks - hopefully).
  8. Sitting at work surfing Arrse, also wondering why the queen of the chavs is still alive considering she had only hours to go 3 days ago.

    Awaiting cancer to go into regression followed by miracle cure.
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Having an impromptu work bbq in the car park and lamenting the fact that I have lost the factory's Jade Goody sweepstake. Whod've thought she'd hang on this long?
  10. Wondering how the fcuk we drew Chelsea in the UCL again, thinking about knocking off, going home and opening a bottle of red.
  11. Doing some washing, getting the room squared away before playing Rugby tomorrow afternoon and then celebrating Wales' win.
  12. Was going home early...apparently not now. Gurn!
  13. Bottle of red?!... Now that seems like a good idea!
  14. Been to the pool, had lunch, a snooze in the back yard and bought my tickets online for the Cirque Du Soleil tomorrow night in Dubai :)
  15. My Friday is almost done...had a trip on a local chinese bus to the city, bought a yellow pepper (difficult to get here) then played Wii for an hour before having a few brews. Typical day for a teacher.